Xiaomi MIX Flip Rendering Unveiled Using 2 Design

Xiaomi MIX Flip Rendering

Xiaomi MIX Flip Rendering

In March this year, Xiaomi released its first mass-produced foldable display flagship phone MIX FOLD, priced at 9,999 yuan, compared to other mainstream manufacturers of foldable phone models, which has a certain price advantage. But the company is not satisfied with a foldable solution, it seems to be brewing new foldable display products.

Not long ago, exposed Xiaomi’s new folding screen phone patent, using a similar Samsung Galaxy Z Flip up and down folding scheme, the screen form for the double-hole design, the rear round camera layout, containing three cameras.

Recently, Letsgodigital published Mi Mix Flip renderings based on patent exposure showing the overall design of the machine, from the style, should also be based on the Galaxy Z Flip model drawing, temporarily called it Xiaomi MIX Flip.

In addition to the rear round camera layout, Xiaomi has another upper and lower folding screen program, the overall and the first difference is not much, the difference is the rear to horizontal camera layout while including a secondary screen.

As shown, the role of this sub-screen and the current Xiaomi 11 Ultra similar, used to display the time and battery, as well as the caller interface, but also more in line with the concept of folding screen, that is, the sub-screen to reduce the number of folding.

Flip style folding design has been released by several brands, in addition to the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip series, Motorola’s Razr series is also this similar design, in addition to OPPO’s first folding screen is also said to be the upper and lower fold structure. It should also be noted that Xiaomi’s new programs are still in the patent stage.


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