Suspected Honor Magic 3 Renderings Exposing 40MP 100x in Unique Identity

Suspected Honor Magic 3 Renderings

After Honor’s independence, CEO Zhao Ming said, will launch a super flagship against the Huawei P and Mate series. The latest news said that Honor will release in mid-August the above-mentioned super flagship, attributed to Magic, according to the naming order for the Magic 3.

Zhao Ming has previously revealed the core configuration of the machine, saying that users who want a full-featured Snapdragon 888 experience can look forward to the Honor Magic 3, a full-featured version of the Snapdragon 888 Plus that Qualcomm released not long ago.

Zhao Ming said that whether in the design, performance experience and photography have a leading and unique place, the current market several flagship phones although the use of top Snapdragon 888, but the experience is a mess.

He said that the hardware determines the bottom line and bottom line of Honor cell phone performance and experience, more important is the ability to master the hardware, Honor has this aspect, a wealth of experience and strong ability.

So for the future development of the Honor Magic series has strong confidence, which will bring consumers a different experience of technology. In addition, a digital blogger broke the news that Honor Magic 3 will be equipped with a curved display provided by BOE, but also the use of under-screen front camera technology to achieve a true full-screen effect.

Suspected Honor Magic 3 Renderings

Today, suspected Honor Magic 3 renderings circulated on the internet showing the machine’s appearance design. Although credibility is low, it gives a good look at the phone’s design, take it for reference only. According to the image, the Honor Magic 3 should be a continuation of the Magic curved design, but not to the initial model so exaggerated use of 8 curved solutions, but the mainstream flagship widely used double-curved effect, and the screen and the angle of the middle frame and backplate completely integrated, the feel should be very outstanding.

It is worth noting that this rendering of the rear camera part of the Honor Magic 3 design is very exaggerated, the overall use of the four-camera scheme, placed in the center of the body, but that can be very large main camera is very eye-catching, even larger than the other three lenses combined, is expected to use a large bottom sensor, bringing the top imaging effect.


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