Huami Will Unveil Self-developed OS, Chip, GPU at Next Beat 2021 Conference

Huami Wearable OS Dynamic Dial

Huami Next Beat 2021 Conference

The well-known smart wearable device manufacturers Huami Technology previously announced that it will hold the Next Beat 2021 conference on July 13, the theme of the conference is “The Future of Health” focusing on the future of health ecology.

Recently, Huami officials have been warming up, throwing out several new product information. First of all, Huami will release a new generation of Huangshan chip, as the iteration of Huangshan 2, will add discrete GPU, in the device graphics performance to bring a new experience.

In addition, the poster also appeared with the word “2S”, suggesting that the new chip is called “Huangshan 2S”. In addition to the independent GPU, the new generation of Huangshan chips also uses the dual-core RISC-V architecture for the first time, with stronger computing power and lower power consumption

In June 2020, Huami Technology released Huangshan 2, which is claimed to be perhaps the world’s best wearable chip with RISC-V architecture, high computing efficiency, low usage power consumption, NPU with integrated convolutional neural network acceleration technology to improve local AI data computing performance, and the recognition speed for atrial fibrillation is 7 times faster than that of Huangshan 1, and 26 times higher compared to pure software algorithms.

Then, In terms of software, Huami announced that it will launch its OS, which is claimed to be more user-friendly, more suitable for watches, and better able to play the value of wearable devices, and although it is not a giant, it will never take the shortcut of magic reform.

From the picture, Huami’s research wearable OS will focus on sleep, heart rate, electrocardiography, blood oxygen, and other health aspects, also in line with the theme of the General Assembly, in addition to a new blood pressure algorithm.

The current OS of wearable devices is generally based on the transformation of Android, but Android is not designed for wearable devices, after all, efficiency and applications must be “magic” to adapt, and the special WearOS has been not used by several manufacturers.

Furthermore, Digital Chat Station claims that he has experienced Huami’s new self-developed system in advance. The visual effects and interactive experience are very comfortable. He said nothing more but shared dynamic dial experience video.

Huami Wearable OS Dynamic Dial

Yesterday, Huang Wang, the founder, and CEO of Huami Technology released a video and said, “one of the most popular health features in recent years” suggesting that Huami’s new watch will have highlights in health detection.

Huami Wearable OS

Today, Huami Technology once again warmed up, saying that it will release a “mobile type?” The new watch will be released with a magnetic field induction line, so you can guess what it is.

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