ZTE Axon30 PPI reached 400ppi High Pixel Density with Under-screen Camera

ZTE Axon30 PPI

ZTE Axon30 PPI

Last year, ZTE made the world’s first under-screen camera technology while releasing a mass-production model ZTE Axon 20, which is still the world’s only under-screen front camera phone today. At this year’s Axon 30 series launch, ZTE said it would launch a new generation of under-screen front camera flagship this year.

Following the previous official design announcement, in today’s morning, the ZTE cell phone official microblogging said that the new generation of the under-screen camera phone, Axon30 PPI will have reached 400ppi high pixel density. “The new Visionox screen with 400ppi+120hz high resolution will not be exclusively used for this month’s new phone, and there will be one that will be used later”, said Digital Chat Station.

At the same time, the president of ZTE’s terminal division, Ni Fei, said, “two generations ahead of the industry’s under-screen effect is not a little bit better, 400PPI, to give you a natural and true full-screen experience.”

“ZTE Axon30″ Discover, the world’s first second-generation commercial under-screen camera technology, the technology is also so far two generations ahead of the friendly laboratory N+2 generations of under-screen camera technology. This marks the next decade of cell phones’ new form and experience truly from science fiction into reality”, ZTE executive emphasized.

It is worth mentioning that from the official Axon 30 under-screen version of the real picture released not long ago, the new machine has a very high value, while the overall visual effect is complete after cutting off the bangs.

In addition, as early as a few months ago, ZTE executives have exposed the new flagship’s engineering spy photos, from the picture, ZTE’s new generation of under-screen technology has been very mature, compared to the previous generation has greatly improved, in the normal bright screen state has completely perceived the presence of the front camera, basically eliminating the problem of the previous generation of technology front camera residual shadow.

According to previous reports, ZTE’s new 5G phone, model number ZTE A2322, has passed 3C certification and is equipped with a 55W fast charging charger, expected to be model number Axon 30.

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