Vivo Drone Camera Phone Design Patent Exposure: Drone inside Phone

Vivo Drone Camera Phone Design Patent

Vivo Drone Camera Phone Design Patent

In recent years, we have seen different styles of camera layout, position, and style. Vivo previously also demonstrated a detachable pop-up camera phone that can be remotely controlled. With Vivo’s creative ideas, this time Vivo goes further beyond.

Recently, Letsgodigital unveiled a Vivo drone camera phone design patent. In this design phone, the camera in the phone disassembly when used as a drone, this seemingly brainy idea has manufacturers to do and even applied for a patent.

Vivo Drone Camera Phone Design Patent

It is reported that the patent was submitted to the International Bureau of the International Property Organization by Vivo Mobile Communications Limited on December 25, 2020, and was published on July 1, 2021.

According to Letsgodigital, recently, Vivo submitted to the world property rights organization a cell phone patent. The patent of the phone camera using lift design, and after rising is the camera can also be removed to use a drone for photography.

According to Vivo’s description, as user demand increases, the screen ratio of cell phones and other electronic devices is becoming larger and larger, and to obtain a more extreme full-screen effect, many electronic devices have begun to use lift camera modules.

However, the current lift camera module is often raised to work only on electronic devices, the shooting function is effective and can not achieve long-distance shooting. In addition, the shooting process still requires the user to hold the electronic device, by adjusting the body posture to achieve the shooting angle adjustment, flexibility is poor.

To this end, Vivo’s patent application improves the structure of the lifting camera module of the electronic device in the prior art by making the electronic device configured with a flying drone. The lifting camera module can be easily disassembled from the device after it is raised, and the shooting can be done by using the flying mini drone, which greatly improves the flexibility of shooting.

For this brainstorming idea, Letsgodigital has made an effective picture for the patent. As you can see from the image, the patent’s elevated camera module is very large, taking up almost the entire top of the phone. And when the lift camera module is raised, it contains a flying machine with four propellers inside. The craft contains at least two cameras and three infrared sensors, the role of the infrared sensors seems to be to avoid collision between the craft and other objects.

Vivo Drone Camera Phone Design Demo

From the current design, the drone should be able to be controlled by a cell phone, and when the lift camera module is inside the phone, it should be able to be charged by the phone battery. It’s unclear whether such a device will ever enter the market given the mini drone’s impact on the size, weight, and volume of the phone, but the mere existence of the concept suggests that the technology has made some progress.

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