Xiaomi Tablet 5 MIIT Certification Shows Device is Headed to Launch

Xiaomi Tablet 5 MIIT Certification

Xiaomi Tablet 5 MIIT Certification

The latest news says that Xiaomi Tablet 5 is expected to be unveiled in August, along with the release of MIUI for Pad, the MIUI designed specifically for tablets.

This afternoon, a Xiaomi device with model number M2105K81C passed the permit of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, and there are reports that it corresponds to the Xiaomi Tablet 5, which is said to be a 5G high-grade version equipped with Snapdragon 870.

Xiaomi Tablet 5 MIIT Certification

In addition, the news said that there is a standard version of the Xiaomi tablet equipped with Snapdragon 860, which has not yet entered the network. The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology network proves that the long-awaited Xiaomi new tablet will soon meet with everyone officially.

This also coincides with the official Xiaomi tablet accessories revealed recently, the side of its keyboard case is also equipped with a special groove to place the stylus, but unfortunately, this also indicates that the machine may not support the magnetic connection with the stylus.

It’s worth mentioning that this keyboard accessory also side-by-side confirms a previous render circulating on the web, with the same design for its rear camera section, featuring a square rectangular rear camera module that looks very similar to the Xiaomi 11.

As for the screen, it is said to be a 2K resolution LCD and OLED screen version on the front, supporting up to 120Hz high refresh rate, 480Hz touch adoption rate, also supporting 4096 level touches, and In-Cell active pen technology.


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