Oppo Exploring Wrap-around Screen Design

Oppo Wrap-around Screen Design Patent

Oppo Wrap-around Screen Design Patent

According to LetsGoDigital, in May 2021, OPPO was granted a patent by the World Intellectual Property Office (WIPO) titled “Method for assembling and disassembling electronic devices,” detailing OPPO’s ability to assemble and design large flexible screens.

The latest patent shows that OPPO is also considering releasing a double-sided phone with a wrap-around screen design. This phone is equipped with a screen on the front, back, and left sides, while the right side bezel is still visible. An elongated trim is also added to the back to accommodate the vertically designed camera system.

Oppo Wrap-around Screen Design Patent

To better showcase the patented device, the designer Concept Creator worked with LetsGoDigital to create a series of product renders. These images are based on OPPO’s patent images and documents and are for illustrative purposes only.

With the introduction of products such as folding screen phones, double-sided display phone form factors are beginning to meet the growing demand for versatile, portable devices. However, assembling such a device and replacing parts is not so simple.

The patent describes how the screen needs to be glued to the center frame so that it can be professionally disassembled afterward. The phone uses a thin steel plate that is placed between the screen and the frame. In this way, the flexible display is optimally supported and a relatively thin screen can be applied.

The renders also show that the rear camera system will consist of multiple lenses: four cameras and a flash, which are placed on the bottom of the back of the phone. The document further mentions that additional cameras can be optionally added.

Oppo Rollable Concept Phone – Oppo X 2021

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Since the patented wrap-around screen smartphone has both a camera and a display on the back, there is no need for a front-facing camera, allowing users to take high-resolution selfies and make video calls through the main camera. As a result, the entire front side consists of a screen surface with no notches or holes in the screen.

The portion of the screen covering the left side of the device can be used to display general status information, such as the battery indicator and signal strength. It can also display incoming notifications and incoming calls.


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