OPPO Working on Self-developed ISP Chip: Oppo M1 Maybe 1st Output of Mariana Project

OPPO Working on Self-developed ISP Chip: Oppo M1 Maybe 1st Output of Mariana Project

OPPO Self-developed ISP Chip: Oppo M1

The road of the self-research chip is never an easy thing, involving money, technology, the market, and other aspects. You know Huawei’s Kirin chip is also experienced more than a decade of research, to have today’s market position. Each domestic manufacturers, more need to adhere to the accumulation and research and development, to be able to achieve their goals one step at a time.

Ever since cell phones were equipped with cameras, the imaging system has become an important part of the phone, and the quality of the photos naturally became an important selling point to measure the value of the phone. Even if the phone camera was generally only millions of pixels, even if the phone’s image capability was only a pleasure, but we are still keen to use the phone to record the life of a little bit. Nothing else, just convenient.

With the development of technology, smartphones have become more and more feature-rich, and the user’s requirements for image capabilities are also increasingly high. Multi-camera, periscopic super-telephoto, telephoto macro lens, billion pixel main camera, super large bottom main camera…

From the unremitting efforts of cell phone manufacturers on cell phone image specifications, the image function has become one of the most important areas of development for cell phone manufacturers in recent years, where ISP plays the most important role in processing image data.

Today, Weibo blogger Digital Chat Station broke the news that OPPO is developing a Self-developed ISP Chip (independent image processing), hoping to go further in the road of cell phone imaging. If the news is true, this ISP chip will become OPPO’s first self-developed chip, which is a historic breakthrough for OPPO.

For OPPO, the significance of self-research ISP is much more than that. In addition to Huawei, Xiaomi and OPPO are the two mobile brands most interested in chips in China, while Xiaomi Surge C1 ISP chip already in the market. According to a report by 36 Krypton, OPPO set up a chip technology committee as early as October 2019, including much technical staff from OPPO, realme, and OnePlus, and named the core-building project “Mariana Project“.

In November 2020, OPPO applied to the European Union Intellectual Property Office for the trademark of OPPO M1, which was considered to be its first self-developed chip. In March of the following year, Digital Chat broke the news that the first result of OPPO’s “Mariana Project” was about to be made public, but it was not the most anticipated cell phone SOC chip.

The OPPO M1 is likely to be the name of this self-developed ISP chip, according to the current news. A year and a half after its establishment, OPPO’s “Mariana Project” has finally come to the surface. If OPPO can successfully launch its ISP chip this year, it will be a new start for them.

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