iPhone SE 3 in Work with Apple A14 Bionic with 5G Capability

iPhone SE 3 Exposure

(in picture: iPhone 12 Mini, Source: Apple)

iPhone SE 3 Exposure

The iPhone 12 mini sales are not strong enough to lead to discontinuation have almost proved that the small screen flagship is a false proposition, even if the brand appeal is as strong as Apple.

But this does not mean that there is no market for relatively inexpensive small screen products, such as the iPhone SE sales can still be. This also gives Apple the possibility to launch the next generation of iPhone SE, which will still adhere to the small screen design.

Previously analyst Ming-Chi Kuo had revealed that Apple is expected to release the new iPhone SE 3 in the first half of 2022, and its biggest feature is that it is equipped with the A14 processor, with further performance improvements.

As for the shape, Ming-Chi Kuo believes that the new iPhone SE will be more similar to the current iPhone SE, that is, it may still be based on the shape of the iPhone 8, retaining the physical home button and fingerprint recognition, and so on.

In addition, the new iPhone SE will also support 5G networks, and its pricing will be cheaper than the current iPhone 12 mini, making it Apple’s cheapest 5G phone.

For reference, the iPhone 12 mini is currently priced from 69,990 INR in India, while the iPhone SE is 32,999 INR, the final starting price of the new iPhone SE is likely to be between the two, after all, after increasing support for 5G networks, the cost is bound to increase, according to Apple’s practice to see the price increase will be inevitable.

It is worth mentioning that Apple is also rumored to have prepared a large-screen iPhone SE Plus, which may be similar in appearance to the iPhone XR, but supports fingerprint recognition, and the iPad, which integrates fingerprint recognition on the power button. However, this machine has been rumored for two years, but there is still no specific release time exposure, perhaps already dead in the water.

Previously, there is news that Apple launched the iPhone 13 mini, the relevant models will be completely abandoned subsequently, but the small screen party does not have to feel too bad, after all, there is still the iPhone SE series.

Some industry chain sources say that Apple is preparing a new iPhone SE3, as to when it will be launched depends on the specific circumstances, after all, the current global shortage of cores, while also overlaying the iPhone 13 production needs.


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