Official Ask Expectations From Redmi K50 Series; 100W Coming to Mid-range

Official Ask Expectations From Redmi K50 Series

(In picture: Redmi K40 Pro)

Official Ask Expectations From Redmi K50 Series

In February this year, Redmi released its K40 series and performed very well. The series has been released for 4 months, according to the phone product line, there may be a major version update in the second half of the year.

Yesterday evening, Lu Weibing asked netizens on Weibo what features/configurations/experiences they would most like to see added to future Redmi K50 Series products.

Most netizens replied that they wanted a large battery and memory, as well as better quality imaging capabilities, and of course still the ultimate price/performance ratio, while some also expressed their desire for faster charging.

If it is following the regular cell phone product line, iterative updates are likely to have been camera, battery, and charging. According to the Digital Chat Station, there are indeed a lot of materials, especially the fast charging chip, so 67W was transferred to the Note series so quickly, and the 100W solution will be released later.

He also stated that Redmi K50 Series may also be ahead of schedule, the first version of the parameters are already out, at present is to strengthen the previous generation of relatively short board fast charging and photography, the screen continues to upgrade.

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