ZTE 2nd Generation Under-display Camera Prototype Surfaces

ZTE 2nd Generation Under-display Camera Prototype

ZTE 2nd Generation Under-display Camera Prototype

This year in April, ZTE officially released the first Snapdragon 888 flagship Axon 30 Series models, which is expected to carrying 2nd generation under-display camera solution and 3D structured light technology. But unfortunately, the machine did not carry a new generation of under-screen camera technology as everyone expected due to technical and supply issues.

ZTE said at the time that due to some technical, supply chain, and other reasons, the first under-screen front camera flagship model will debut at a later stage, when it will be upgraded to new under-screen technology, bringing better visual and user experience.

In today’s morning, Digital Chat Station brought exclusive news about ZTE’s 2nd generation under-display camera phone. According to reports, this new product from the famous domestic panel maker Visionox, this panel is their latest generation of under-screen front camera products, the presence of the front camera is invisible.

Visionox Inv See Pro Demo | ZTE 2nd Generation Under-display Camera Prototype

In the middle of the picture, is a screen sample, and the right is a ZTE prototype. It is worth mentioning that the blogger revealed that the phone is about to open preheat, which means that ZTE’s first under-screen flagship is about to debut.

From the real photos, ZTE’s new generation of under-screen technology has been very mature, compared to its predecessor has greatly improved, in the normal bright screen state has completely perceived the presence of the front camera, eliminated the problem of the previous generation of technology front camera shadow seems to be solved.


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