OnePlus and OPPO Are Officially Merged From Today

OnePlus and OPPO Integrated

OnePlus and OPPO Integrated

OnePlus cell phone from this year’s OnePlus 9 series, the domestic version of the original Hydrogen OS changed to the same ColorOS and OPPO, which made many users who used to be OnePlus cell phone happy for a long time, but also let users who like the unique tone of Hydrogen OS have a little disappointment.

But the system replacement is just the beginning. This evening, heavy news came out online that the teams of OnePlus and OPPO are officially merged from today, and from now on, OnePlus will become one of the independently operated sub-brands under OPPO.

There is also an email from Liu Zuohu, CEO of OnePlus, to all OnePlus employees, which reads (translated) as follows:

Following Liu Zuohu’s return to OPPO in May last year as chief product officer, unifying the product lines of OnePlus and OPPO, to focus on a new round of opportunities in the era and promote healthier and longer-term growth of OnePlus, we decided to fully merge the OnePlus team and the OPPO team under the unanimous recommendation of the core management team of OnePlus and OPPO; OnePlus will become an independently operated brand under OPPO and continue to provide quality technology products to global users with the brand concept of not settling for less.

OnePlus technology was founded in 2013, its CEO Liu Zuohu was originally in OPPO as a senior executive, and then independent business, after the return of the system, hardware and operations also returned to OPPO is actually a matter of time, so it also helps the product development, so, OPPO, OnePlus, Realme three brands are completely under one.

With the increasingly fierce competition in the domestic smartphone market, the OnePlus system is opening up the resources of its cell phone brands to form a synergy to cope with external competition, which will be the motto of OnePlus and OPPO.


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