Samsung Galaxy S22 Series Display Size Unveiled

Samsung Galaxy S22 Series Display Size

(Rendering by Letsgodigital)

Samsung Galaxy S22 Series Display Size

Samsung launches its flagship Galaxy S series of phones around January every year and will debut the Qualcomm Snapdragon new generation flagship processor internationally, so it is also a great topic for users around the world to discuss.

Earlier, a rendering of the Galaxy S22 Ultra, the top model of the series, was revealed, which shows that the overall design of the machine continues the design of the current S21, but the camera module can be a large main camera sensor is very eye-catching, and the “200MP” underneath it means that this will be the world’s first 200 megapixel’s main camera, which can bring unparalleled resolution, light sensitivity, etc., bringing higher image quality.

At the same time, the camera also has the word “OLYMPUS CAMERA” printed below the main camera, which indicates that the camera’s image system will be jointly created by Olympus and Samsung.

In addition to the amazing size of the main camera, the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra is only equipped with a periscopic telephoto lens to enhance the experience of long-distance shooting, which means that the camera’s main camera will probably also serve as a super wide-angle lens, a multifunctional main camera.

According to the latest report from Twitter blogger, Samsung’s next-generation flagship phone Galaxy S22 series will also still be released around January and will debut the Snapdragon 895/Exynos 2200 chip (tentative name) in the international arena.

According to the sources, the Samsung Galaxy S22 series will still be equipped with three sizes respectively, of which the S22 standard screen size is expected to be 6.06-inches, the S22+ screen size is expected to be 6.55-inches, and the flagship model S22 Ultra will be equipped with a 6.81-inch LTPO screen.

In terms of size alone, the S22 and S22+ will have a smaller screen size than the Galaxy S21 series currently on sale, which is good news for countless small-screen enthusiasts who will have the opportunity to purchase a top-quality configuration of a small-screen flagship.

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