Official Brought More Details About 200W Fast Charging Safety

200W Fast Charging Safety

200W Fast Charging Safety

Xiaomi brought 200W fast charging technology some time ago, but currently, the technology has not been officially put into mass production to the phone, not enough this is just a matter of time sooner or later, today, the official recently brought some more details about 200W fast charging.

Specific aspects, it uses a custom but 4000mAh 10C dual-cell triple charge pump, security is the charger side, the motherboard side, the battery side have 40 heavy security active protection measures. Depletion is 800 cycles after the energy to maintain at 80%, higher than the national standard. The volume size of the charger is about the same as the current 120W and will be reduced after mass production.

Xiaomi 200W wired fast charging can charge 100% (4000mAh) in 8 minutes, 10% in 44 seconds, and 50% in 3 minutes, which is the first time that wired charging enters the era of ten minutes; 120W wireless fast charging can charge 100% (4000mAh) in 15 minutes, which is also the first time that wireless charging breaks the 100-watt mark.

The fast charging speed on the phone is constantly progressing, Xiaomi this time brought 200W fast charging can be said to be the industry’s current top, and we are concerned about the safety and charger volume aspects of this time was also officially given a detailed explanation can be taken to say, it is not far from commercial use, so these are not worried about, and we as consumers, continue to wait for the 200W fast charging will be the first to achieve in which Xiaomi cell phones.


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