Xiaomi’s Annual Flagship will Support UWB + UD Camera

Xiaomi's Annual Flagship supports UWB (ultra-wideband) and Under-display camera

Xiaomi’s Annual Flagship supports UWB (ultra-wideband) and Under-display camera

Xiaomi has updated its MIX series models this year, which is its first foldable screen flagship MIX FOLD, priced from 9999 RMB. But you know, MIX FOLD is currently priced high and is not suitable for mass shipments, not the volume of products, so the industry has been news that Xiaomi is also preparing a new MIX series, possibly named MIX 4, which is expected to be released in the second half of the year.

This afternoon, the blogger Digital Chat Station broke the news that the flagship, device model 2106118C, has got a radio transmitter certificate and supports UWB ultra-wideband transmission technology.

UWB is known as Ultra Wide Band, that is, ultra-wideband communication. Xiaomi previously released “a finger even” UWB technology, built-in UWB chip, and array antenna, with Xiaomi’s research antenna arrangement and algorithm, so that the phone and smart devices with spatial awareness between.

It is understood that UWB uses pulses with very short intervals for wireless communication, with strong anti-interference capability, high transmission rate, low power, and high accuracy, which can be used for indoor high-precision positioning, IoT device interaction, file transfer, and other application scenarios.

Cell phone, whether this new machine belongs to the MIX series is temporarily unknown, but since the positioning is the flagship of the year, then naturally there is no shortage of innovative technology.

Such as Xiaomi’s previously announced 200W wired/120W wireless fast charging, which takes only 8/14 minutes to charge the 4000mAh battery to 100%, while supporting 34 safety charging protection measures.

Previously, the blogger revealed that Xiaomi’s under-screen front camera annual flagship model number is K8, which supports wired fast charging of about 120W and wireless fast charging of more than 70W, and is expected to be announced within this year.

In addition, the machine is expected to use an under-screen front camera, Snapdragon 888 Pro, and other advanced features, including an under-screen front camera Xiaomi, has launched the third generation, using a new self-researched pixel arrangement to reach mass production commercial standards.

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