Lenovo Confirms SM8450 Phones Coming This Winter; TSMC May Producing

Lenovo Confirms SM8450 Phones Coming This Winter; TSMC May Producing

Lenovo SM8450 Phones Coming | TSMC Process Expected

The current Snapdragon 888, in Qualcomm internal parts code, is SM8350, according to naming habits, the next generation should be SM8450, which could be marked as Snapdragon 898 or Snapdragon 895.

In today’s morning report, the Snapdragon SM8450 core configuration is detailed. The source claims that it uses a 4nm process, a Kryo 780 CPU based on the public version of the ARMv9 Architecture instruction set, an integrated Adreno 730 GPU, Spectra 680 ISP, Snapdragon X65 5G baseband, and so on.

To unveils which semiconductor foundry will process, Digital Chat Station done his inquiry and said, “just asked a factory that got SM8450 prototype, they heard that mass production with which is currently undecided, considered TSMC, but the progress will be a little later, and Samsung offered a more fragrant price, so in the choice. But then again, the market competition has been so fierce, June began to preheat the new SM8450 as soon as the end of the year to debut.

According to TSMC’s process update this week, 4nm will be brought forward to the third quarter of this year for risky pilot production, with a 6% increase in transistor density over the first generation 5nm, along with better energy efficiency.

Usually, manufacturers make a commitment after product release, but in this matter, the general manager of the cell phone business department of Lenovo China, Chen Jin made comments and also confirmed that Snapdragon SM8450 phones from Lenovo/Motorola will come in winter.

There are too many black swan events brought about by the chip capacity shortage this year, and there are different possible versions of things that have already been determined… but what is certain is that Lenovo and Motorola’s 8450 flagship, which is in place around winter.

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