Meizu Watch Official Now With Smartphone Level Hardware and Software

Meizu Watch Official Now, Price and Specifications

Meizu Watch Official Now

In the afternoon of May 31, Meizu held an online Meizu intelligent life conference, officially bringing the long-publicized first smartwatch product. Meizu full smartwatch Meizu Watch is equipped with Android-based independent development of Flyme for Watch, using Qualcomm Snapdragon Wear 4100 chip, priced at 1499 yuan.

Meizu Watch Official Promotional Video

This smartwatch uses a custom 46mm large curvature Corning Gorilla Glass so that scratch resistance is greatly improved, while the front is also covered with a 2.5D curved surface, making the watch dial and bezel super smooth articulation, visually thinner.

Meizu watch screen display resolution reached 326 PPI, the screen is custom AMOLED, smoothness can be improved to 60FPS. The visual effect can reach four sides equal width, which is called the fourth generation of extreme edge full screen.

The core performance of the Meizu smartwatch is based on “cell phone level” hardware development, which is equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon Wear 4100 flagship chip, which can better realize the full intelligent features.

In terms of usage, the Meizu smartwatch also adopts the same global gesture interaction scheme as the current cell phone, so that all operations can be completed through gestures, and users who are used to smartphones will be able to get used to it quickly after switching to the watch.

Flyme for Watch, which is independently developed based on Android, bringing a “cell phone level system” experience to the watch. 300 special optimizations have been made to OneMind for Watch, improving fluency to 60FPS, optimizing battery life, etc.

Flyme Fir Watch

Meizu said that to make MEIZU Watch and Meizu cell phones achieve more advantageous interconnection, it has created a new communication framework “Meizu Miao Lian”, so that MEIZU Watch and Meizu cell phones can work closely together.

In addition, Flyme for Watch has completed the first batch of applications with application partners. Alipay brings more comprehensive payment capabilities to MEIZU Watch; Baidu Maps enables cycling and walking navigation, and Sogou Input Method provides an efficient input experience even for small screens.

The MEIZU smartwatch adopts a one-piece no-breakpoint design in the case, and under the full appearance is the sophisticated communication system of the MEIZU Watch, which supports most of the current communication methods.

The whole system is equipped with eSIM as standard, supporting independent Internet access as well as independent communication, and optimizing the eSIM usage experience together with three major carriers.

The watch also has a built-in NFC chip, which supports bus cards and access cards. It also supports dual modes of cell phone end copy and blank access card; supports Meizu cell phone card cloud migration.

The charging form only takes 45 minutes for a full charge experience and 15 minutes for all-day commuting support. Considering the business trip scenario, Meizu also prepared a detachable charging dock for users, a cable can meet the changing needs of both the phone and the watch.

Meizu teamed up with MMS to create a professional-grade health test; using high-end ceramic material that is not easy to allergic to, a professional-grade sensor Fresnel lens, and a micro-arc curved design that is more suitable for long time wear. Relying on the built-in blood oxygen sensor, MEIZU Watch fully supports blood oxygen detection.

MEIZU Watch can monitor all-weather health, including blood oxygen, heart rate, stress, and sleep. All of this is automatic, non-sensitive, all-day health monitoring. It is like doing a medical checkup for you in real-time, organizing the subtle changes in your body into referenceable data, and adding a layer of insurance for your health.

MEIZU Watch offers two color options for everyone: Black and Azure, both of which use fluoroelastomer straps that are very sturdy and durable.

Finally, MEIZU Watch also supports the adjustment of its own Lipro smart light series, and it also has access to Huawei’s HarmonyOS powered devices.

Meizu Watch x Lipro


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