Oppo Watch 2 Specifications Surfaces: Official Says Almost No Shortcomings

Oppo Watch 2 feature

Oppo Watch 2 Specifications

On the occasion of the Reno6 Series launch conference, Oppo also teased Oppo Watch 2 and announced some product information in advance.

OPPO announced that it will release a new smartwatch, which officials say has “almost no shortcomings” and will be equipped with the Apollo4s chip jointly developed by OPPO and Ambiq.

At launch, an official said that the new watch’s range can be achieved from the southernmost to the northernmost city in China driving round trip so long, if the range can really breakthrough, we can look forward to the battery life of Oppo’s next Watch.

Following the news, XDA developers recently exposed new OPPO Watch 2 specifications information in detail. According to the XDA, Oppo Watch 2 will be equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon Wear 4100 chip, storage will be upgraded to 16GB, the device will also support eSIM.

In addition, the OPPO Watch 2 will retain the square design of its predecessor, and the Chinese version will run the Color OS watch system, while the international version will run the Wear OS system, both based on Android 8.1. In addition, the tipster also shared news about the software, the new stress test for the watch, and the fact that the watch can control the phone to take pictures.

Additionally, OPPO will also use the Apollo4s chip jointly developed by OPPO and Ambiq. It is said that the Apollo4s chip will be used in combination with Snapdragon Wear 4100, which will reduce the power consumption of the watch. When the watch in the rest screen state or perform low-power tasks, the chip will actively reduce the arithmetic, this feature will help to extend the battery life.

In April this year, there are several OPPO devices through the 3C certification, support 4G network, charging rate of 5V 1A or 5V 1.5A, are not sold with power adapter.

From the configuration point of view, the new device charging rate is the same as OPPO’s smartwatch, OPPO Watch 41mm for 5V 1A charging, OPPO Watch 46mm for 5V 1.5A charging, the new device is expected to be OPPO’s new smartwatch, but no longer comes with a charger.

In addition, OPPO recently filed a trademark called “OPPO Watch Free” with the European Intellectual Property Office, which is expected to be OPPO’s first sports smartwatch.

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