Oppo Watch 2 Appearance Leaked Online

Oppo Watch 2 Appearance

Oppo Watch 2 Appearance

OPPO held a product launch conference yesterday, the official announcement will be released in the second half of the OPPO Watch 2 Series, the watch is expected to be equipped with Apollo4s chip jointly developed by OPPO and Ambiq company.

Recently, blogger Lubia exposed pictures of OPPO’s new smartwatch. In the picture, the watch is placed together with OPPO Reno6 and OPPO Enco Free2 which were released yesterday. The theme of the watch is also in line with yesterday’s launch, as evidenced by the “Summer Sea” on the screen of the watch, but for some reason, it was not released.

In addition, from the official information revealed, OPPO’s new watch is also available with a round dial. The new OPPO Watch will support gaming mode and officially “almost no shortcomings”. A few days ago there was news that OPPO will also launch a sports Oppo Watch Free, it seems that the second half of more than one product.


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