Meizu Watch Will Access HarmonyOS Products, More Features Unveiled

Meizu Watch health features

Meizu Watch Will Access HarmonyOS Smart Product

Today, Meizu Smart Life released a Weibo post with a picture that prominently displayed: a large round light pattern below “Hello, Harmony!” This means that Meizu officially announced that it will access the HarmonyOS system, and Meizu Lipro ecology will join hands with HarmonyOS and be officially unveiled at the launch event on May 31.

So far, Meizu has officially announced that it will access the HarmonyOS system, as an important part of Meizu’s intelligent life – Lipro, with the dream linkage with HarmonyOS, from the bottom to improve the intelligent connection and use the experience of Lipro products. Additionally, the Meizu smartwatch will support full voice control of the Lipro smart home.

According to the poster analysis, the first batch of products equipped with the HarmonyOS system may be Lipro lighting. In the May 31 Meizu smart life conference, in addition to the appearance of Lipro and HarmonyOS, the heavyweight protagonist of the day – Meizu Smart Watch will also be officially released.

“Meizu’s IoT device embraces HarmonyOS ecology now, the first batch is Lipro lighting. The whole pretty good, this wave of cooperation is two gains. But both the phone and the watch are still based on Android-based Flyme” Digital Chat Station emphasized.

As Meizu’s first full smartwatch, Meizu officials have said that they want to set a small goal for it first “to challenge the Android smartwatch benchmark, which can stand alone and is also a great partner for mainstream Android phones.”

From the official preview, Meizu full smartwatch with rounded corners square design has the three pieces of flagship smartwatch: large curvature curved glass, without breakpoint metal frame, and a 3D ceramic back cover. The craftsmanship is in line with the mobile phone, another masterpiece of Meizu design.

In addition, the watch supports 15-minute charging to meet all-day commuting use and also has a unique split charging cradle. In terms of Health detection, it supports 24-hour health monitoring. The 24-hour “heart-rate / blood oxygen/stress/sleep” monitoring of Meizu’s full smartwatch brings you peace of mind around the clock.

The core configuration, equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon Wear 4100 flagship chip, can provide an extremely strong performance guarantee, officially called a new generation of “small screen” full-featured flagship.

In terms of functions, Meizu full smartwatch supports eSIM independent networking, independent system, independent applications, independent calls, cell phone level functions, and intelligent voice assistant and Lipro home control functions.

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