Meizu Watch Charging Cradle Comes in Unique Design

Meizu Watch Charging Cradle Comes in Unique Design

Meizu Watch Charging Cradle

From the Meizu brand, the first smartwatch will be officially released on May 31, it has been confirmed that this product supports eSIM cards and can make voice calls independently. Today Meizu once again warmed up the product, showing the Meizu Watch charging cradle of the watch for the first time.

As you can see in the picture, there are four contacts on the charging base, with a circular depression in the center and a skeleton design, and the sensor assembly on the back of the watch is expected to be a rounded and raised design. On the watch screen, you can see the schedule and time information.

The watch charging cradle has a Type-C input port for charging, and the separate cable holder design makes it easy to reduce the size when carrying the watch on the go. So you only need to bring a phone charger, you can charge your phone and watch at the same time.

Meizu previously announced that the smartwatch is equipped with Qualcomm Wear 4100 flagship chip and made of an aluminum alloy bezel. The watch supports independent networking, independent applications, and independent calls, so you don’t have to use it with your phone. The watch, which comes in azure and black colors.


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