iQOO 7 VRS Demos on Chronicle of Infinity Game

iQOO 7 VRS Demos on Chronicle of Infinity Game | Variable Rate Shading


According to the report from ItHome, Qualcomm Technologies, iQOO, and Perfect World Games today announced that the three parties based on the Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 mobile platform iQOO 7 flagship smartphone, the latest handheld game “Chronicle of Infinity” on the implementation of end-game level game rendering technology.

The commercial deployment of Variable Rate Shading (VRS) allows players to enjoy a high quality, high frame rate, low latency, low power consumption gaming experience in a multiverse of grand scale and exquisite detail.

Based on the new VRS brought by the third-generation Snapdragon Elite Gaming feature supported by Qualcomm Snapdragon 888, the iQOO7 smartphone has achieved the balance between image quality, frame rate, and power consumption of “Chronicle of Infinity”. Specifically, VRS has increased the frame rate stability of “Chronicle of Infinity” at 90 frames of extreme quality by 16.7%, and reduced the frame drop rate by 19.2%; for the overall experience of the game, the overall power consumption of the iQOO 7 mobile phone has been reduced by 19.8%, Graphics rendering power consumption is reduced by 31.0%.

iQOO 7 VRS Demos on Chronicle of Infinity Game

During smooth gameplay, the human eye will focus on the main part of the game screen, and the distant or non-focused visual range will be unconsciously weakened. Using the Snapdragon 888 mobile implementation of VRS technology, Chronicle of Infinity studio set the capture range based on human eye vision, allowing the GPU to intelligently target core characters and effects for high-quality rendering while rendering distant, dynamically moving, and rapidly changing portions of the game using multi-pixel merging.


The above rendering approach significantly reduces the stress on the GPU by reducing the shader rendering load, allowing multiple resolutions of rendered objects to exist simultaneously in the same frame of the game. VRS occurs after the image rasterization, avoiding the disadvantage of blurred images caused by traditional resolution reduction.

Take the example of the “Chronicle of Infinity” character “Secret Method” looking at the “Starlight City” scene, the “Secret Method” character’s equipment and winged spirits need to be shown in detail and can be shaded in a 1×1 high resolution, allowing players to see more details of the character.

The foot platforms and distant landmarks are rendered at a medium resolution of 2×2. VRS technology not only ensures that the main visual focus of the core rendered objects is full of detail, but also reduces the load on the overall rendering of the screen, so that players do not feel a reduction in the quality of the rendering, but also brings a higher frame rate, lower power consumption, and a smoother gaming experience.

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