Nubia Z30 Pro Review: Strong Camera Capabilities, But Weaker in Some Area

Nubia Z30 Pro Phone front

Nubia Z30 Pro Review

Nubia Z30 Pro Review


The impression of Nubia’s cell phone seems to have always liked the starry night sky, in addition to the publicity camera can shoot the star river, record the star track, and even launched a body-color scheme specifically about the starry sky.

Following the Z20 in 2019, this series of Nubia has been in a state of suspension, only to launch the Z30 after three years, and like the previous generations, the highlights this time, still related to the vast starry sky.

Talking about Nubia may be somewhat unfamiliar, but to say that it another series, everyone here should know a thing or two, that is, the main gaming phone RedMagic, in other words, despite the Z series so many years without updates, but Nubia has been active in the cell phone circle.

Talking about the positioning of the Z series, after all, it has not appeared in the public eye for many years. According to Nubia’s product line, the series belongs to the high-end flagship, in addition to having mainstream specifications, the camera is one of the main highlights, but the cell phone image has a radical change compared to the past, Z30 series can make what features? The author has been the first to get the Nubia Z30 Pro, together with the following.


FeaturesNubia Z30 Pro Specifications
Display6.67 inches FHD + AMOLED flexible screen,
ratio 20: 9
resolution 2400 × 1080
refresh rate 144HZ, 10bit color depth, 1.07 billion colors
ColorsVast black
interstellar silver
black gold legend
Size161.83 × 73.01 × 8.5mm, 198g
CPUSnapdragon 888 SoC integrated X60 chip supports dual card 5G
RAM / ROMLPDDR5 memory
UFS 3.1 flash memory
Camera64MP main camera
64MP ultra wide-angle main camera (OIS, 7P)
64MP main camera (OIS, 7P) 35mm equivalent focal length)
8MP ultra-zoom periscope lens (OIS, 5x optical zoom, up to 50x hybrid zoom) (Nubia Astronomical Imaging System)
Front 16MP camera camera
Securitysixth-generation screen fingerprint
Battery4200mAh dual-cell
Charging120W Neocharge
OSBased on Android 11 nubia UI 9.0
Price8GB + 256GB Version at 4999 yuan
12GB + 256GB version at 5399 yuan
16GB + 512GB version at 5999 yuan
Nubia Z30 Pro Specifications

Design and Packaging

Nubia Z30 Pro provides three colorways of Vast Black, Interstellar Silver, Black Gold Legend, in the author’s hands this is vast black.

Nubia once insisted for a long time ID bezel-less design, but with the popularity and maturity of the dual-curved screen, the basic visual offset the left and right bezel, this selling point is rarely mentioned again. In addition, I thought the Z30 series would use the under-screen lens, after all, there is the ZTE layer in the relationship but still centered on the hole-digging screen, should be to adhere to the 144Hz refresh rate reason.

The overall design of the Z30 is square, not rounded, but the small rounded corners have been redesigned and are not uncomfortable to hold. The Z30 Pro is a good choice for the newest generation of cell phones.

In terms of parameters, Nubia Z30 Pro uses a 6.67-inch AMOLED soft curve screen with a resolution of 2400×1080, supporting up to 144Hz refresh rate and 240Hz touch sampling rate, supporting 100% DCI P3 color gamut and 10Bit color depth display, with SGS low blue light eye protection certification.

Note that this screen is an AMOLED screen that supports 144Hz, not LCD, which has a better smooth effect compared to 120Hz, but of course, there are gains and losses, although 144Hz has a better visual perception, but also means more power consumption, which we said in the battery life test.

The back cover of the body is AG glass, after the frosting process, the official claim by adjusting the etching granularity, transmittance, haze, gloss, and other dimensions, before and after the verification of more than dozens of glass etching effect program, and finally have this delicate silky feel. The thickness of the machine is 8.5mm, the width of the body is 73.01mm, and the weight is 198g.

I thought the right side of the lens was a small screen, but it is not, but a custom photo-engraved texture film, printed with the nubia brand logo, matte area using a nano-mist etching process, the misting layer as thin as 0.01mm, so that the glossy glass lens area and matte frosted area seamlessly, without the slightest sense of fragmentation.

USB Type-C interface, SIM card slot, speaker at the bottom of the body
The top of the body is the microphone

The upper and lower bezels are designed with a “circular runway”, an integrated design of aerospace aluminum alloy, which is officially said to have undergone a CNC machining process and “three-stage” 8-pass grinding and polishing technology, 3 times of grain zircon blasting, 18 times of custom tool polishing program adjustment. This design makes the phone appear square and can also be directly erected on the desktop.

Nubia Z30 Pro Package comes with 120W GaN charger, data cable, Type-C to 3.5mm, phone case

System Interface

Nubia Z30 Pro is running Android 11-based nubia UI 9.0, the basic features are there, the actual how to take a look. It should be noted that RedMagic is running the exclusive Redmagic OS, which is not the same.

Home screen interface

The system animation is not to mention, the overall can say that the negative screen function is also okay, but to close the ads and some title party information, you can only choose to directly close the negative screen, can not customize the module; system icons are acceptable, but some third-party APP will have deviations, such as the most commonly used QQ, the icon up and down surprisingly did not show completely, you know this is the default system theme, although you can change, it is guilty of OCD.

System display

In terms of display, the settings can be adjusted in the display and font size, refresh rate four adjustable, respectively, 60/90/120/144Hz, the color mode is somewhat rudimentary, only to provide a color palette for user customization.

In addition, Nubia UI 9.0 switches background tasks back to the default center, and not the current APP switch, for the author some difficulty, of course, this is only a personal subjective feeling, other ROMs also have such logic, such as MIUI and One UI.

Settings and neo performance engine and 5G will only communicate, you can view the introduction of the two functions, as well as the current state of the phone part this function is silently hidden in the background on the line, like this on the surface, but can not operate, it is not necessary.

The official introduction of Nubia UI 9.0 can be called a metamorphosis of a major upgrade, the overall view, the changes are still there to make up for the just-needed features, such as NFC bus card, privacy space, application split, blank authorization, and other privacy-related features.

Performance and highlights

Specifications, Nubia Z30 Pro maintains the current flagship level, namely Snapdragon 888 + LPDDR5 memory + UFS 3.1 flash memory, the specific parameters will not say much, to look at the cooling, built-in is a three-dimensional cooling system, such as micron thickness graphite sheet, as thin as 50um, area up to 6050mm², with liquid cooling VC even thermal plate area up to 4000mm².

The version of this Nubia Z30 Pro Author’s my hands is 12GB+256GB. After the actual test, Nubia Z30 Pro AnTuTu runs score of 814880, in the Snapdragon 888 models, belongs to the normal level.

The CPU score is 210766, which is the same as other Snapdragon 888 models, and the GPU score is 321,157, which is the upper-middle level, presumably related to the internal heat dissipation of the body, with the aid of heat dissipation, the GPU can also maintain a higher frequency.

In the storage test, Nubia Z30 Pro score 56793, including a sequential read speed of 1958.4MB/s, sequential write speed reached 578.6MB/s.


In terms of camera, Z30 Pro rear is 64MP main camera + 64MP super wide-angle main camera (OIS, 7P) + 64MP humanities main camera (35mm equivalent focal length) + 8MP super zoom periscope lens (OIS, 5x optical zoom, up to 50x hybrid zoom support).

Then there is the main highlight of this Nubia astronomical imaging system, through 64MP lens large base + long exposure + professional effect tuning + nubia’s unique star track overlay technology, can be a real-time synthesis of the star track, open second shot star track, three seconds imaging.

The camera is one of the most important highlights of the Z30 Pro, and of course, the official has added many features to it, such as the camera family, which has as many as 20 built-in features for taking pictures.

Camera interface left to slide the first item is the camera family, built-in a large number of features about photography, such as star track, starry sky, moon, electronic aperture, multiple exposures, slow motion, time-lapse photography, and so on most of the features are relatively common, mainly star track and starry sky.

In addition, there is a function called Hitchcock Zoom, by moving forward or backward in the shooting process while and vice versa to change the focal length, the changes will change the visual perspective relationship, compressor magnifies the background space, thus creating the famous film master Hitchcock’s shooting techniques.

The second is a function called multi-camera, after switching to this mode, the default is 1x main camera display, there will be two small hovering windows below, respectively displaying 5x lens and 0.5x lens, click to switch, similar to this small function a lot, although the practicality is not high, but also quite pleasing.

Nubia astronomical imaging system is a joint venture between the Nubia Imaging Institute and the National Astronomical Observatory of the Chinese Academy of Sciences stellar research team, the introduction of the galaxy table inside the brighter more than 20,000 stars data to support, to ensure the rigor and authenticity of the starry sky material.

By analyzing the combination of the phone sensor’s magnetic and gravity information and GPS positioning, according to the different orientations and angles taken by the phone, to ensure that the starry sky taken by each user is real at the moment, and thousands of people, unique.

So before using this feature, to give to the location permissions, at that time I also wondered, a camera function, why do you want location permissions.

For the star track shooting, I asked friends who specialize in shooting, how can I take a star track photo? The answer is very complicated, first of all, to have a device that can shoot star trails, and then the most difficult is to find a place suitable for shooting star trails, if the city, in Zhengzhou City, where the author lives, for example, the city can not shoot star trails, because of the air, resulting in almost no stars at night, let alone shooting star trails, so you need a clear weather drive to the surrounding scenic spots, until the night stars fill the night sky, adjust the angle, and then shoot for a long time.

Just to describe how to shoot star trails, has made walking lazily I gave up, but the Nubia Z30 Pro does do, no matter when and where, is day or night, as long as you lift the phone to shoot the sky, using the star data provided by the National Astronomical Observatory of the Chinese Academy of Sciences stellar research team, it can automatically generate the star trajectory of this piece of the sky, in awe, at the same time, have to sigh the charm of technological progress.

Of course, can be said to be AI, after all, camera shooting is what you see is what you get, but these star trails, are based on real star data analysis, in other words, even if it is a real shot, estimated and Z30 Pro’s second shot star trails sample is not too far off.

Daytime sample photos

The shooting time was around 2:30 pm, cloudy with haze, not very much light, system version V1.11, default camera function. (It should also be noted that the imaging photo is not the original image because of its large size, and images are comprised).

1 / 7

From the last set of sample photos, the Z30 Pro’s three main cameras give full play to their proper strength, especially the 64-megapixel ultra-wide-angle main camera, which achieves almost the same image quality as the main camera, which is invaluable, as some phones have inconsistent ultra-wide-angle lenses, and the main camera will have color differences.

There is something strange about the zoom, when the camera is turned on 5x zoom, from the imaging of the sample, it should call for an 8-megapixel periscope lens, but the information is 16-megapixel.

The above is a sample shot taken by the star-track second shot function, noting that it was taken during the daytime and the sky was cloudy. The Nubia Z30 Pro automatically synthesizes the above star trails employing calculation, combined with geographic location, although it is not WYSIWYG, the effect is there.

Night shot

Main camera shot (default 16 megapixel f/1.6 ISO193)
Main camera shooting (default 16MP f/1.6 ISO110)
Star trajectory second shot (large wide-angle effect)

Through more than 20,000 stars data to do support, and Nubia astronomical imaging technology support, Z30 Pro can draw the real star track in real-time, the official said, according to the phone shooting different orientation and angle, to ensure that each user shooting the starry sky is the current reality, and thousands of people, unique.

Of course, whether the real author is in an environment with too many restrictions, there is no way to test, serious users can test it.

The following is a second shot of the starry sky, which should be similar to the effect of MIUI one click to change the sky, not the actual sample photos.

Nubia Z30 Pro built-in a photo mode called the moon, the actual shooting samples are stunning, but can also see the moon’s craters, but whether there is an AI bonus unknown for the time being, here will not be discussed in depth.

Battery life and charging

The Nubia Z30 Pro has a built-in 4200mAh dual-cell battery, which is not a large battery capacity for a model with a 144Hz high-brush screen and Snapdragon 888, but the good news is that it has 120W fast charging to make up for it, so I won’t say much more. Let’s see how it lasts, as usual, using the stress test function built into the AnTuTu review.

The stress test is a function built into the AnTuTu review to test the stability of the device’s performance by carrying out a high load computing, requiring the CPU to carry out a large number of calculations, so the power consumption is greater than the video, daily use, and other scenarios. Test conditions: No SIM card inserted, device connected to Wi-Fi, positioning turned on, fully charged, screen brightness turned to the highest, and all background services turned off.

Open the AnTuTu stress test, test uninterruptedly and record the remaining power of the device every 30 minutes.

In Nubia Z30 Pro review of battery under the superpower consumption test, Nubia Z30 Pro persisted for 120 minutes, this result is based on the CPU has been in the case of full load, taking into account our daily use and bright screen time, so this data should be converted into a multiple, so the machine can have more than 4 hours of continuous use, note that is It’s not a daily screen off, message return, etc.

Nonetheless, the Z30 Pro battery life seems unsatisfactory, which boils down to the question of how to make trade-offs, whether to stuff a high-capacity battery or to dual-cell 120W wired fast charging?

Then we look at charging, Nubia Z30 Pro is equipped with 120W high-powered wired fast charging, how fast, to the actual test, because it is a hundred-watt fast charging, the speed record changed to 3 minutes once.

After the actual test, Nubia Z30 Pro took 17 minutes from 5% to 100% power, including 3 minutes to charge 20%, 5 minutes to charge 35%, 10 minutes to charge 60% of the power, the time to wash in the morning can be fully charged, really change the user’s habits, this is the charm of a hundred watts fast charging.

In addition, in the 120W fast charging phones, Z30 Pro belongs to the faster charging, maintaining high power for a longer period, of course, so charging process, to avoid the phone heating.


After many years, the Nubia Z series can be updated, rare is not to forget the original intention, still obsessed with the matter of shooting stars, and they do have a unique insight into the function of the phone shooting the stars.

Z30 Pro equipped with the Nubia astronomical imaging system, in today’s belong to the sword, as if you are competing dozens of times hundreds of times zoom, my side will jump out of the Earth, run to hundreds of millions of light-years of the star river, the gimmick sounds very bluff, but the actual need for a large number of algorithms to achieve, only AI smear is not enough, but also and the real stars almost the same, and regardless of day and night, Nubia Z30 Pro is currently the only phone that can do this, the author believes that the sword is off the mark.

Nubia Z30 Pro Review

A moment to restore the star trajectory talk about the phone itself, Z30 Pro is a design, the configuration can not fault the flagship, especially the current rounded design prevails, the square shape seems unique and alternative, a little good-looking, and ZTE another flagship is the same design language, after all, the relationship between the two is delicate, and not surprisingly, the shortcomings of course, such as UI and functionality, and the urgent need to simplify, too much fancy, not high practicality, and 4200mAh battery is also stretched, good in 120W fast charging can save face.

Nowadays, almost all flagship phones are about the same configuration, and the camera is a lot of &D investment to have a breakthrough, Z30 Pro is by shooting the stars to stand on their feet, of course, this is by no means a pain point, not even a necessary feature, but it must be recognized that this is an innovation, no matter how the future will develop, I hope that the Z series continues to update, continue to explore the vast sky, to give users the sky full of stars.

Note: Original review published on AnTuTu Benchmark’s website by Author: Tangzheng.

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