Vivo TWS 2 Goes Official Along with TWS 2e

Vivo TWS 2 and Vivo TWS 2e

Vivo TWS 2 and Vivo TWS 2e

Today, Vivo’s official officially released its first true wireless noise-canceling headphones, the Vivo TWS 2 series, said series, because, in addition to the TWS 2, there is a Vivo TWS 2e. The Vivo TWS 2 is priced at 499 yuan and the Vivo TWS 2e is priced at 299 yuan and officially goes on sale on June 1.

According to Vivo’s official data, TWS 2 supports the level of noise cancellation depth of 40dB at present, and also supports adaptive noise cancellation, which can automatically adjust the noise cancellation level according to the environment.

In addition, TWS 2 also has a low latency of 88ms in-game, can give FPS players a good gaming experience; sound quality, TWS 2 brings DEEP-HD ultra-clear audio engine, providing clear vocals, super bass, and clear treble three targeted sound options to meet the preferences of music lovers.

The headset also supports triple microphone call noise cancellation, 12.2mm large sound unit, weighing 4.7g, in-ear wearing, the ear handles part supports pressure-sensitive control, no need to take out the phone to adjust the volume and cut songs and other operations.

In addition, Vivo TWS 2 supports Jovi’s voice, information broadcast, real-time translation and find headphones, supports multi-device dual connection and Bluetooth 5.2, interaction can realize – key flash connection, pressure-sensitive control, slide to adjust the volume.

In terms of battery life, the headset lasts up to 4.5 hours in noise cancellation on mode; up to 8 hours in noise cancellation off mode; up to 30 hours in noise cancellation off mode with the charging case.

Another TWS 2e compared to the standard version less noise cancellation, most other data is the same, the appearance is the same. The it also supports strong battery life, multi-device dual connection, low latency gaming, ultra-light non-sensory wear, and other features.

Vivo TWS 2e doesn’t come with Deep-HD, aptX adaptive sound, latency increased up to 117ms, and battery life reduced to 7.6 hours and 27 hours for Buds and with case respectively.


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