Meizu Smartwatch Will Unveiled on May 31, Checkout 1st Appearance

Meizu Smartwatch Will Unveiled on May 31

Meizu Smartwatch Will Unveiled on May 31

Today Meizu officially announced that it will hold a Meizu’s Smart life conference on May 31, when the first Meizu Smartwatch product will be released.

Go live, go feel, go experience.
Put down the phone, to embrace every different you.
To enjoy every change brought about by technology.
Watch me!
“The intelligent life of the Meizu launch” May 31, 14:30 live on the whole network.

Meizu technology said.

In addition, the text with the picture also gives a real picture of the appearance of Meizu’s smartwatch, showing that the watch has a square dial design, which is consistent with the appearance of the previously leaked telecom operators and is also the design used in most smartwatches now, which is neither wrong nor too colorful.

The most anticipated thing about this watch is its operating system, which will also be Flyme’s first watch system, so it’s worth looking forward to.

Meizu Flyme for Watch

Meizu released the Flyme For Watch system in March this year and announced that it would release its first smartwatch in May. Previously, Meizu Watch has appeared on China Telecom’s eSIM service website, and the watch is named MEIZU Watch. Meizu Watch, which adopts an intelligent system, can be used independently from a cell phone and supports eSIM 4G network.


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