Samsung Teases S-foldable, Slidable, 17-inch Foldable and UPC Ahead of SID

Samsung S-foldable, Samsung Slidable, Samsung 17-inch Foldable and UPC Ahead of SID

Samsung S-foldable, Slidable, 17-inch Foldable and UPC

Samsung Display will participate in the world’s largest display exhibition “Display Week 2021” (SID) to showcase next-generation OLED technologies such as S-shaped foldable display (S-foldable), slidable display (Slidable), and Under Panel Camera (UPC), demonstrating its technological strength in the field of OLED.

From May 17 to 21, Samsung Display will participate in the online exhibition “SID Display Week 2021” hosted by the Society for Information Display (SID) International.

With the theme of “Better life thru Samsung OLED”, Samsung Display will introduce next-generation OLED products and Samsung OLED’s outstanding performance through an online exhibition hall. Visitors will be able to hear the keynote speech by President Joo-sun Choi and the acceptance speech by President Seong-cheol Kim, and will also be able to see a variety of contents and enjoy their eyes.

Next-generation OLED technology unveiled for the first time, turning the future into reality. In this online exhibition, Samsung Display will showcase next-generation OLED technologies that will change our daily lives, such as S-shaped foldable display, slidable display, and under-screen camera.

Samsung S-foldable

Samsung Display will introduce the S-shaped foldable display by way of a video, which uses the current outstanding OLED technology and is a product that can be folded multiple times – twice inside and outside. When folded, it can be used as a smartphone; when fully unfolded, it looks like a tablet.

Samsung 17-inch Foldable Display

This is a 17-inch foldable product, when folded in a 4:3 screen ratio, it can present a tablet-sized screen; when unfolded, it is a 17-inch monitor-level screen. This foldable screen is highly portable while providing a differentiated product like a PC monitor “Carrying Small Seeing Big”.

Samsung Slidable display

Samsung Slidable display product can stretch the screen horizontally while maintaining the appearance of the existing smartphone to take full advantage of the large screen. It is only the size of an ordinary smartphone, making it both portable and convenient. When the screen is stretched, multitasking or large-screen video and content appreciation can be performed.

Samsung Under Panel Camera (UPC)

This is a full-screen technology that minimizes the top bezel and maximizes the display screen by installing the front camera under the display and improving the transmittance of the camera module part of the display to ensure camera functionality.

On May 18, Joo-Sun Choi, President of Samsung Display, will deliver a keynote speech on the future of display. In addition to exhibiting at SID 2021, Samsung Display is also actively participating in various other events, such as keynote speeches and paper presentations. At the same time, Samsung Display will also present 27 papers on various topics of the display, such as next-generation light-emitting materials and TFT device technology at the exhibition.

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