Biggest Vivo TWS 2 Sound Unit and Second-generation DeepX Stereo Effect Detailed

Vivo TWS 2 Sound Unit and Second-generation DeepX

Vivo introduces 2nd generation True Wireless Stereo headphone TWS 2 on May 20. In the ongoing process of warm-up, today Vivo highlighted Vivo TWS 2 sound unit and second-generation DeepX stereo effect details.

Vivo states, why insist on big units? The sound unit is the heart of the headphones, it pushes the air through vibrations to produce sound. The whole process is like beating a drum, if the size of the drum is bigger, then the sound scale and sense of energy will be better.

Vivo TWS 2 Sound Unit

Therefore, large units are a crucial factor for good sound quality. Vivo has never compromised on the pursuit of sound quality, and since the first generation of Vivo’s truly wireless headphones, Vivo has equipped them with the large units seen in the military of similar products, so that not only is it more imposing to listen to grand sounds, but tiny details can also be clearly shown.

On the Vivo TWS 2, the in-ear design poses a big challenge for the unit size. Due to cavity space limitations, the larger the unit, the larger the size of the headset, it is difficult to ensure the comfort of wearing. The industry’s mainstream in-ear is generally equipped with 6-11mm sound units, but this is not up to par for Vivo, which has always insisted on large units.

Vivo achieved a breakthrough in the structural design and stacking process: 12.2mm large units, rare in similar products, were achieved on the Vivo TWS 2 while taking into account the wearing comfort. A breakthrough in both design and craftsmanship, accommodating a 12.2mm ultra-large unit in such a compact body of the Vivo TWS 2 posed a huge engineering challenge.

For this reason, the engineering team, after precise calculations and structural reorganization, deeply customized a special oval-shaped sound unit, added a ventilation system to reduce the sense of ear pressure, and repeatedly experimented with the placement of the unit so that it was only deflected about ten degrees relative to the sound outlet hole, allowing the sound to be transmitted directly to the ear and minimizing distortion.

At the same time, because the design leaves little room for maneuvering, the unit’s packaging space is only half that of its predecessor, making assembly much more difficult. Vivo chose a 0.5mm spot welding tip the size of an embroidery pinhole and a 0.4mm dispensing tip for soldering and dispensing under the precise operation of the instrument.

It is this series of clever layout design and advanced encapsulation technology that has resulted in Vivo’s most precise and superior true wireless headphones to date, an acoustic benchmark, and a paragon of craftsmanship.

Vivo TWS 2 is also equipped with a second-generation DeepX stereo effect:

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