Xiaomi’s New Patent Expose Dual-side Slider Design

Xiaomi's Dual-side Slider Design Patent

Xiaomi’s Dual-side Slider Design Patent

At present, smartphones are moving towards a more extreme full-screen development, from waterdrop screen, pop-up full-screen, to punch hole screen and the more technically difficult under-screen camera design. In addition to the above options, there is also a slider design that can also achieve a more perfect full-screen design.

According to the report from Letsgodigital, a new cell phone design patent applied by Xiaomi has come to light, which shows a new phone with a dual-side slider design that supports left and right bi-directional sliding. It is reported that the patent was applied by Xiaomi Mobile Software Co., Ltd. to the State Intellectual Property Office on January 13, 2020, and was granted on May 14, 2021.

From the patent image, the phone is different from the traditional slider design in that it has a dual-side slider design that supports the phone to slide to the left and right respectively, and the functions achieved after sliding to the left and right are different. Due to the slider design, the thickness of the phone should not be small when viewed from the side. However, thanks to the design, the phone achieves a more extreme full-screen with very narrow screen bezels.

There is no front-facing camera found on top of the screen, but by sliding to the left, the camera module will be displayed on the right side thus enabling the front camera function. And the camera module has three holes, the photo function seems not weak. The back also shows the rear camera module, which appears to be three cameras and a flash.

When the phone is slid to the right, a secondary screen will appear in front. However, as this is only a design patent, the specific use of the secondary screen is not clear. Currently, slider phones generally use up-and-down sliding or one-way left-right sliding. According to Letsgodigital, Xiaomi is currently the only cell phone manufacturer in the world that adopts a dual-side sliding design.

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