Official: MediaTek will Dominate Flagship Market Step By Step To Accomplish In A Solid Manner

Official: MediaTek will Dominate Flagship Market Step By Step To Accomplish In A Solid Manner

MediaTek will Dominate Flagship Market Step By Step

MediaTek held an online launch event for the new 6nm 5G mobile chip Dimensity 900. At present, MediaTek’s Dimensity series 5G SoCs are available in the flagship Dimensity 1200, 1100, and 1000 series. This release of “5G Dimensity 900”, with excellent overall performance, is a further enrichment of its product line. The rich product line is the key for MediaTek to ship 45 million sets of 5G chips by 2020, ranking first in the world.

In the online interview session, Dr. Yanzhe Li (李彦辑博士), vice president of MediaTek’s Wireless Communication Division, told the media that the company will continue to make an impact on the high-end market this year. “The Dimensity 1200 is a start, and we will see many good results one after another this year.”

Lee pointed out that 5G is still in the rapid growth stage, MediaTek hopes that in the process of growth, efforts to do a good job on the product, stand firm in the high-end market. This release of the Dimensity 900, is one of the examples.

“High-end flagship is MediaTek has been working hard to achieve the goal, which requires a lot of technology accumulation, as well as long-term cooperation with customers, which can not be achieved at once. We will work step by step and step by step to accomplish this goal solidly.” Li Yanzhe stressed that the flagship phone should be at the top level in all aspects, and there should never be any shortcomings. Not only in terms of performance, but power consumption is also very important. Multimedia, games, 5G connectivity, Wi-Fi connectivity, etc. are also, MediaTek has carried out the layout.

MediaTek’s Wireless Communication Division Technical Planning Director Junnan Li also said that the Vivo S9, OPPO Reno, and other series, equipped with MediaTek’s 5G chip, has received a good market response. The top flagship needs the latest technology, the latest architecture, and the latest process. MediaTek strives to improve to the flagship level, which is achieved through technology enhancement and deep cooperation with customers.

Specifically, in terms of GPU, MediaTek has developed a HyperEngine game engine and conducted deep intermodulation with games such as King of Glory and QQ Speed, and several 5G phones based on the Dimensity 1000 series last year used games as a selling point. In terms of camera, Li Junnan believes that there are three main factors, one is the superb ISP, the second is the quality module, and the third is a long time debugging optimization. MediaTek in the three aspects is doing a lot of work. In terms of audio and video, this release of the Dimensity 900 is equipped with MediaTek’s exclusive hardware-level 4K HDR video recording technology.

In addition, communication technology, MediaTek released this year to support the millimeter-wave + Sub-6GHz dual connection M80 baseband. According to the data, in a joint test with Ericsson, MediaTek’s M80 baseband achieved the world’s first-millimeter wave 5G dual connectivity in the 5G SA experimental network combined with the Sub-6GHz band, achieving a maximum downlink rate of 5.1Gbps by aggregating 800 MHz high-band bandwidth and 60 MHz mid-band bandwidth.

MediaTek did not respond positively to the question of whether to adopt 5nm or more advanced processes next but only emphasized that from 7nm for the Dimensity 1000+ last year, to 6nm for the Dimensity 1200 and Dimensity 900 this year, showing that MediaTek is quite aggressive in adopting new processes. Previously, according to media reports, MediaTek may be the first to launch a 5G chip based on the 4nm process.


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