Nubia Z30 Pro Camera Samples Out Now showing Extreme Powerful Night Photography

Nubia Z30 Pro

Nubia Z30 Pro Camera Samples

Not long ago, Nubia officially announced that it will hold a launch conference on May 20, officially bringing the new Nubia Z30 Pro flagship. With the release date approaching, the official began a continuous preheating of the machine. In this regard, Nubia held a product testing meeting with a well-known blogger and shared Nubia Z30 Pro camera samples on Weibo while Z30 Pro also appeared in action.

Nubia Z30 Pro in Action

Camera Samples by Ni Fei

Camera Samples by Nubia

Camera Samples by WHYLAB

Camera Samples by Rabbit tearing machine

Blogger states that they have attended Nubia Z30 Pro pre-tasting session and found that the machine is further enriched on top of “shooting stars”, you can easily shoot star trails with one click, and the effects available for adjustment based on shooting are particularly large, and you can even adjust the “number of stars”, specific photos and other experiences.

Nubia Z30 Pro night scene evaluation, the pictures were taken in starry sky mode, somewhat similar to the effect of magic for the sky, but Nubia’s style is rich and can customize the number of stars, which is quite fun.

Nubia Z30 Pro, which is once the return of the Z series flagship phone after two years, the Z series has been positioned as a flagship product, so the configuration and hardware information of this phone is very worthy of attention. Therefore, this Nubia Z30 Pro camera configuration or, 64-megapixel main camera (IMX686/OIS/f1.6) + 64-megapixel ultra-wide-angle (120° wide-angle / ultra-low distortion) + 64-megapixel human lens (35mm equivalent focal length), supplemented by 8 megapixel’s super zoom periscope lens, support 5x optical zoom, 60x hybrid zoom. And the entire rear lens module is also designed to look very powerful oversized matrix, next to the Nubia brand logo is also very eye-catching.

The combination of this rear lens and ZTE’s recently released Axon30 series is almost the same, but because the brand is different, so it is normal to share the supply chain to meet the needs of different user groups, compared to the mature and stable atmosphere of the Axon30 series, Nubia Z30 Pro looks much younger and more in line with the preferences of young people.

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