Samsung Will Bring 1000ppi Display Density with special oxide TFT transistors

Samsung Will Bring 1000ppi Display Density

Samsung Will Bring 1000ppi Display Density

According to South Korean media outlet TheElec, Samsung Display announced on May 12 that it will lead a South Korean national project to develop special oxide TFT transistors to create OLED panels with 1000ppi display density. This display on mobile devices will have more densely packed pixels and TFT circuits, which provide higher the resolution support.

Officials said the company aims to develop new oxide TFT thin-film transistors that will move electrons ten times faster than existing products. This technology is expected to be developed by 2024. In addition, Samsung Display is also working to reduce the power consumption and manufacturing costs of TFT.

The current smartphones use OLED screen display density of up to 643ppi, for Sony Xperia Pro, and Xperia 1 III equipped with 4K screen. If Samsung’s research and development of this technology are successful, it will make the screen of smart devices even more delicate, while greatly improving the display effect of smartwatches, VR head-mounted displays, and other products.

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