iPhone 13 Redesigned VCSEL will Reduce Bang Size: 3 model’s Mold Leaked

iPhone 13 Redesigned VCSEL will Reduce Bang Size: 3 model's Mold Leaked

iPhone 13 Redesigned VCSEL

Every year’s new iPhone touches everyone’s heart, according to the time projection, if not postponed, from this year’s iPhone 13 series launch is only 4 months away, the Internet is full of various explosive news, but the closer the time, the closer to the truth.

As we all know, Apple iPhone top bangs although unpleasant but quite practical, contain infrared sensors, structured light, proximity sensors, ambient light sensors, speakers, microphones, front cameras, point projectors, etc., that’s why the bang is larger.

According to new reports, Apple intends to use a smaller Face ID sensor chip in iPhones and iPads starting later this year, reducing the size by about 40 to 50 percent, primarily by moving the current speaker and/or microphone from the bangs to the top bezel.

Apple has reportedly finalized its choice of a smaller VCSEL chip for use in the Face ID sensor. This move will help Apple reduce production costs as more chips can be produced on one wafer, thus increasing the total wafer yield. The iPhone 13 redesigned VCSEL chips will allow Apple to integrate new features into the components, but DigiTimes did not mention what those features might include.

The smaller Face ID chip is expected to be used in new iPhone and iPad devices to be released later this year. The first devices expected to feature the new chip will be the iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Pro, as well as the next-generation iPad Pro. DigiTimes previously said that the notch on the iPhone 13 model will be downsized, thanks to a redesigned camera module that incorporates Rx, Tx, and flood illuminators to reduce size.

Recently, the Digital Chat Station also brought the iPhone 13 series phone’s mold, from the model, the iPhone 13 series rear matrix lens module is much larger, so in the photo should be further enhanced, the front screen is more “classic”, still bangs screen, but because the position of the earpiece to the top of the phone, so the bangs area is much smaller than the previous.

In addition, the digital chat station also said that because the progress of 3D face unlocking under the screen is not ideal, to be safe, next year Apple is expected to continue to use the design of the bangs screen, which was released from the appearance of 2017 to this year is already the fourth year.

In addition, according to the news, the iPhone 13 Pro series will also bring reverse optimization this time, the thickness of the body has increased, while the rear camera module is also more exaggerated compared to its predecessor, not only the area increased, even the degree of projection is also larger, which will have a great impact on the feel of the hands.

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