Oppo Unveil Find X3 Pro Mars Exploration Edition with Unique Identity

Oppo Find X3 Pro Mars Exploration Edition

Oppo Find X3 Pro Mars Exploration Edition

In today’s morning, OPPO officially released the Find X3 Pro Mars Exploration Edition. This version has an exclusive new color and custom theme, built-in Mars color filter, equipped with 16GB memory and 512GB body storage, is now open for booking, will be on sale on May 16 at 10:00 for a limited time, priced at 6999 yuan.

It is reported that the OPPO Find X3 Pro Mars Exploration Edition uses a replica of the meteorite flight scorched star rock-gray color scheme, with a sense of fog from outer space class metal luster, in the body is also printed with “MARS 2021” exclusive inscription.

Oppo Find X3 Pro Mars Exploration Edition

In addition, the Mars Exploration Edition has a built-in Mars custom theme, which shows the sunrise and night rise of Mars through the time dynamic wallpaper, and you can take a Mars “blockbuster” at home through the Mars color filter.

Its box shape adopts a hovering design, reflecting the sense of weightlessness in space, with a circle of PC frosted semi-transparent material embedded in the cover at the seam, slightly revealing the Mars orange, which is both restrained and romantic.

The cover takes the utopian plain landscape of Mars as the background, using special paper sandstone paper with an embossed concave and convex embodiment of the crater landscape, which is very exquisite. When unboxing, the sense of design from the outside creates a sense of ritual.

Of course, after all, the phone is a consumer product, after all, is to use, not to see. So after enjoying the packaging, the design and customization of the product itself are more important. The Find X3 series was already known when it was released, and as the 10th anniversary of the Find series, OPPO applied the infinite possibilities of curved elements to the product design, creating an “impossible surface” from the future.

Before the Mars Exploration Edition, the Find X3 series was launched in four colorways: Mirror Black, Condensed White, Misty Blue, and Cosmic Mocha, while the Mars Exploration Edition is a new customized gray color, inspired by meteorites from space after burning, which has undergone a hundred times of gray-scale color mixing to restore as close to the real original color as possible.

In terms of texture, in line with Condensed White and Fog Blue, the Mars Exploration Edition also uses high fog AG glass, showing a metallic-like luster, intending to condense the texture from outer space, delicate and warm, non-stick fingerprints.

In addition to the color and texture, the Mars Exploration Edition also has an exclusive inscription on the back of the body – MARS 2021, representing a milestone year for China’s Mars exploration. And below it is UTOPIA PLANITIA, the landing site of the Mars Rover, the starting point for China’s field exploration of Mars.

OPPO is a manufacturer that pays great attention to aesthetic design and has launched many classic customized products, whether it is the Barcelona version of Reno or the Lamborghini version of Find, the exquisite degree of which can be called the industry benchmark.


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