Meizu Watch Design Diagram Unveils eSIM Functionality

Meizu Watch Design Diagram

As early as last year, Meizu officially announced the existence of its first smartwatch product, and also said it would be released in the fourth quarter of 2020, but the time has been poured into the second quarter of 2021, the product is still late to see the figure.

In the recent Meizu 18 series new conference, Meizu again confirmed the smartwatch product and said it will be released this year, today, the appearance of the Meizu Watch design diagram information was finally exposed in advance.

According to the picture reported by AnTuTu and Digital Chat Station, Meizu Smartwatch supports an eSIM card, which means that this smartwatch product can be paired with a cell phone and become a mobile terminal to use alone, which is also a direction of progress of smartwatch products nowadays.

In addition to the appearance design, Meizu’s smartwatch is very much in the shadow of Apple’s watch and Oppo Smartwatche in appearance ID, even if you don’t look closely, you will feel the same, but the watch product, either round or rounded rectangle, too novel appearance is not in line with the public aesthetics, so it is normal to give the most conservative appearance design to meet the market.

It is reported that Meizu’s smartwatch product will be equipped with Flyme for Watch exclusive custom system. Flyme for watch intelligent system, you can download a third-party app, the regular sports monitoring, listening to music and mobile payment are there, also support eSIM calls. As a cell phone system on the reputation of the OS, I wonder what will be made in the watch product? Look forward to it together.

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