iQOO 7 Android 12 Beta Tasting Recruitment Officially Started

iQOO 7 Android 12 Beta Tasting Recruitment Officially Started

iQOO 7 Android 12 Beta Tasting

Android 12 is about to debut, Google’s models can already try to experience Android 12 Developer Preview, specific models include Pixel 3, Pixel 3a, Pixel 4, Pixel 4a, Pixel 4a 5G and Pixel 5, etc…

Today, iQOO announced the opening of iQOO 7 Android 12 Beta tasting recruitment activities, user can register in the iQOO community to participate, you can have the first opportunity to try Android 12, which is also the first domestic cell phone brand to open Android 12 tasting recruitment. iQOO will recruit 200 iQOO 7 users to experience testing the Android 12 Beta system, recruitment time for May 13 to May 19.

iQOO 7 users need to fill out the questionnaire to register, the questionnaire scores high to get a taste of the experience qualification (the same score will be first come first served in the order of registration), the selected list will be announced on May 20. (Read terms and conditions carefully before applying).

According to the information announced by Google, one of the most important improvements of Android 12 is to continuously improve security and privacy protection. Google introduced that Android 12 further restricts the access of all non-system applications to the MAC address of the device, regardless of the target API level.

In addition, Android 12 can automatically transcode HEVC (H.265) and HDR (HDR10) and (HDR10+) videos recorded on the device to AVC (H.264), which is a format widely compatible with standard players. Therefore, modern codecs are utilized when they are available and do not affect compatibility with older applications.

Notably, Android 12 introduces support for pictures using the AV1 picture file format, a container format for pictures and picture sequences encoded using AV1. It takes advantage of the intra-frame encoded content of video compression, a format that significantly improves picture quality at the same file size compared to previous picture formats, such as JPEG.

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