OPPO One-key Joint Case Set Unveiled with UWB technology

OPPO One-key Joint Case Set Unveiled with UWB technology

OPPO One-key Joint Case Set

OPPO today officially released the world’s first cell phone accessories equipped with UWB technology – OPPO one-key joint case set. This set of accessories allows the Find X3 Pro to gain more powerful spatial awareness, accurately know the location of smart home devices, help users quickly and accurately control the specified device, to achieve the convenient experience of “who is pointing who obeys”.

According to the official introduction, the OPPO one-touch joint case has a built-in ultra-wide frequency chip, Galaxy gray color scheme, with a smooth and delicate feel of the hand painted. In addition to providing physical protection for the phone, the one-touch case enhances the phone’s spatial awareness through functional modularity, and together with the one-touch identity sticker, it enables one-touch connection and instant control of smart home devices.

The One Touch United identity sticker features a two-color, two-material water ripple design, with a transparent, rounded, and smooth surface that transmits the underlying white ripple. The identity sticker integrates a hidden indicator to provide an intuitive indication of the switch status; the Type-C interface can provide a more convenient charging experience. In addition, the innovative magnetic design makes it easier to place the ID sticker on smart home devices.

The one-touch case set supports three modes: switch, control card, and start scenario. Users can simply point the phone to the device they want to control and double-click on the back area of the case to complete the specified operation. In one-touch switch mode, users can directly turn on or off the specified device; in one-touch control card mode, double-click to call out the full control page of the specified device and quickly adjust more device parameters, such as the brightness and color temperature of the lamp; in one-touch scenario mode, double-click to execute a preset linked scenario, such as turning off all devices after starting the away-from-home scenario.

The one-touch case set allows users to control the smart home devices they want to control by pointing to them without having to look them up in the smart home app, realizing the experience of “pointing to whoever is listening”.

OPPO One-key Joint Case Set Demonstration

Officially, the key to OPPO’s one-touch case set is OPPO’s UWB spatial awareness technology, which is wireless technology. OPPO UWB spatial awareness technology uses a high-precision lateral antenna array on the cell phone side and a low cross-polarization microstrip antenna on the identity sticker side to achieve centimeter-level positioning accuracy, ±3° angular measurement accuracy, and a usable distance of up to 15 meters. At the same time, OPPO UWB spatial sensing technology also supports multi-position sensing, meaning that users can accurately achieve pointing control in a variety of handheld positions, including vertical and flat.

Based on UWB spatial awareness technology, users can also achieve a smarter way of human-machine interaction with the smart home, including a distance-aware function that allows the phone and the smart home device to know each other’s relative positions, and a real-time orientation detection function that helps the smart home device continuously maintain its relative orientation to the phone. Through the two functions, you can achieve a fixed distance cleaning robot in the user’s side of the fixed distance, even if the user constantly changes location in the home, the robot can always be around the user to clean. And through real-time orientation detection, you can let the fan continuously face the user blowing wind, without manually adjusting the fan orientation.

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