Nubia Z30 Pro 3D Curved Surface Officially Detailed

Nubia Z30 Pro 3D Curved Surface

Nubia Z30 Pro 3D Curved Surface

The Nubia Z30 Pro is scheduled to be released on May 20 and will carry the company’s self-developed slow shutter shooting method and camera-specific technology patent to realize the star-track shooting function on the phone.

Today, Ni Fei, president of ZTE’s Terminal Division and president of Nubia Technologies, shared Nubia Z30 Pro 3D curved surface details on Weibo. “When discussing the launch PPT with the product manager this morning, he focused on the front and rear 3D curved design highlights of the Nubia Z30 Pro, such as the 70.72-degree golden curvature, minimum radius R2.5, and a bunch of other uninformative data. I asked him to briefly summarize, he answered me words: good-looking, good feeling” Ni Fei emphasized.

The appearance of the new Nubia Z30 Pro seems to be very top-end, the official repeatedly to the visual and feel as the entry point for publicity, seems to be full of confidence. The new machine is a bit late, but it is getting more and more anticipated.


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