Official Unveils Mi FlipBuds Pro Core Features and Tech in Advance

Mi FlipBuds Pro Core Features and Tech

Mi FlipBuds Pro Core Features and Tech

Xiaomi noise-canceling headphones FlipBuds Pro will be released on May 13. While warming up, Xiaomi Group Vice President Chang Cheng released a long article, responding to the previous Air series headphones were questioned and said that noise-canceling headphones FlipBuds Pro will reach the first-class level.

“Xiaomi Air series headphones have taken some detours, but what has remained the same is the sincerity of making friends with users. The new Xiaomi noise cancellation headphones Pro will be Xiaomi’s highest-end flagship headphones, in terms of noise cancellation, sound quality, technology will reach the industry’s first-class level, in the product details also focus on the effort” Chang Cheng said.

Chang Cheng also revealed that Xiaomi noise cancellation headphones FlipBuds Pro will be equipped with an 11mm ultra-linear dynamic coil, support 40dB deep noise cancellation, but also the use of acoustic short circuit anti-occlusion design, as well as NCVM coating process.

We exclusively ordered for it an 11mm ultra-linear dynamic coil, reference to the top audio structure designed the centering support piece. We built a professional-grade full anechoic chamber and acoustic laboratory for fine-tuning, and the cost of the full anechoic chamber alone reached ten million (RMB).

We have achieved 40dB deep noise reduction and adopted an acoustic short-circuit anti-occlusion design, allowing users to enjoy the quiet while reducing the discomfort caused by ear pressure, and wearing it to get a listening experience like being in a concert hall.

In addition, to create an exquisite mirror surface, we also use the advanced high-gloss nano NCVM coating process, the texture and grip are first-class, its glossy sense and lines are striking, as fingertip play art. The name “Flip” could not be more appropriate, so we named the overseas version of it FlipBuds Pro.

Chang Cheng said.

First of all, it can be seen in the main interface that FlipBuds Pro has three modes for noise reduction. There are three levels of high , middle and low, which are suitable for office, daily, and aviation scenarios. You can find what you want at any time. Effect.

At the same time, FlipBuds Pro also added the well-received transparent mode on AirPods Pro, which can pick up voice and other information through the MIC, which effectively solves the scene where people can’t hear others when using in-ear headphones, and avoids complete isolation from the surrounding environment.

In addition, FlipBuds Pro has specially developed a search mode for the problem of easy loss of wireless earphones, which can control its sound through a mobile phone, making it easy to find.

In other respects, FlipBuds Pro uses a push-type operation similar to AirPods Pro this time. Huawei has previously equipped high-end flagships with this kind of interaction, which can prevent the sound of clicking operations from being amplified when noise-canceling headphones are used, causing hearing damage.

It is worth mentioning that FlipBuds Pro also supports Qualcomm’s aptx Bluetooth connection, which can bring lower latency and better sound quality. As for the price, Chang Cheng revealed that the price of the new product is “very sincere”, the new product will be released on May 13.


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