Mi FlipBuds Pro will Benchmark Apple AirPods Pro with a Fresh Start

Mi FlipBuds Pro will Benchmark Apple AirPods Pro with a Fresh Start

Mi FlipBuds Pro

With the introduction of Apple’s AirPods, almost all cell phone manufacturers in the market have entered the wireless headphone market, even seriously encroaching on Apple’s market. Subsequently, Apple released a “big move”, officially launched the AirPods Pro with noise cancellation function, with very good noise cancellation ability, and comfortable to wear, coupled with the properties of Apple iOS linkage, bringing an extremely comfortable experience.

I believe that we are not very unfamiliar with the words Flip and Buds. Flip for the meaning of flip has been used by Samsung as the name of the phone. In addition, Buds has been used by Huawei, Samsung, realme, several manufacturers as the name of the headset.

Today Xiaomi announced that the annual flagship Xiaomi noise-canceling headphones Pro will be released on May 13, and more information has been announced, such as the name Mi FlipBuds Pro and the appearance of the oval charging compartment.

Xiaomi Technology Co. applied for registration of the FlipBuds and FlipBuds Pro trademarks at the beginning of the year, which is expected to be used as the name of Xiaomi’s new headphone products, and then digital blogger DSP-Charles broke the news that a new team has taken over the TWS series product line within Xiaomi, and the first step in a comprehensive upgrade is to upgrade the Xiaomi Air series to FlipBuds series. The new team will bring you new products, upgraded positioning, digital reset, and a fresh start.

It’s worth mentioning that digital blogger Digital Chat Station also revealed renders of the headphones, with images showing the headphones in a full in-ear design, similar in shape to Apple’s AirPods Pro headphones. Officially, the Mi FlipBuds Pro features a curved design with a “sense of life” and every angle is polished to perfection, in line with Xiaomi’s new logo, which is a new series of Xiaomi, a new beginning that will redefine the high-end listening experience. The annual flagship new Xiaomi noise canceling headphones Pro supports 40dB active noise cancellation, bringing a more pure sound quality enjoyment.

As for the functionality, the blogger has revealed that FlipBuds Pro noise cancellation is very capable, the overall level may not be comparable with AirPods Pro, but the price should be much friendlier, worth looking forward to.

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