Honor and Qualcomm Cooperation is Cordial, New Things Coming, as Huawei’s Bigwigs join Honor

Honor and Qualcomm Cooperation is Cordial, New Things Coming, while Huawei's Bigwigs join Honor

Honor and Qualcomm Cooperation

Previously Honor released the V40 series earlier this year, and Honor CEO Zhao Ming revealed that they have re-signed agreements with all their supply partners to resume supply since they split with Huawei, such as AMD, Qualcomm, Samsung, Microsoft, Intel, MediaTek, and others.

Because Qualcomm’s flagship processor has always been more popular, the order requires more than half a year in advance, so although Honor independent out, can also use Snapdragon, but currently facing the situation is Snapdragon 888 scheduled back, so we have been late to see Honor’s flagship new products appear.

However, as a manufacturer that once ranked high in the cell phone circle sales, Honor, since it has the premise that it can cooperate with Qualcomm, naturally will not stop the product layer only in the phone. This afternoon, the Digital Chat Station brought the latest breaking news information that, Honor and Qualcomm cooperation is still quite cordial, engaged in a wave of new things new platform debut. The key is that a lot of Huawei’s bigwigs went to Honor and said it was tuned to be okay.

This news can be said to be very heavyweight, first of all, it is finalized that the new products of Honor are not only cell phones, there will be a lot of new products debut, secondly, although the separation with Huawei, Huawei also has a lot of executives to join the team of Honor, which lays the foundation for the development of Honor. Manpower and material resources are available, after the independent Honor this time can do how much?

The blogger also previously said that the new Honor 50 Series was determined to be released in June, and is now tentatively scheduled for early June, but the specific time has not yet been determined and is expected to be a new model equipped with Qualcomm’s platform.

It is worth mentioning that Zhao Ming previously said that Honor’s new annual flagship Magic Series will have hardware, design, and experience beyond Huawei’s Mate and P Series, and will have iconic exterior design, advanced imaging capabilities and algorithms, industry-leading communication capabilities, ultimate system design capabilities, harsh manufacturing processes, and quality assurance.


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