Sharp AQUOS R6 Official Renderings Exposes Uniquely Designed Camera

Sharp AQUOS R6 Official Renderings

Sharp AQUOS R6 Official Renderings

The famous Japanese display company Sharp, which also is a smartphone brand. This time company is about to release Sharp AQUOS R6 on May 10. Recently, a Twitter blogger shared pictures of suspected Sharp AQUOS R6 official renderings.

Sharp AQUOS R6 like most smartphones, has a metal center frame with a glass body and a very large front and rear curvature. Those who have carefully observed the two pictures should be able to find that Sharp AQUOS R6 is not the main thin and light type, its body will feel a little thick.

The front is centered on a single cutout screen, the curvature on both sides of the display is relatively large, if the system optimization is not in place, there should be a case of accidental touch. The rear camera module, the design is very unique, looks strange.

As you can see in the leaked pictures, the camera of this flagship will cooperate with Leica. It also has a special rear lens module design: it seems to have a dual rear camera design, but with a large main lens on the left side. Previously Leica has been cooperating with Huawei’s flagship phones at the camera level, so is Sharp going to replace Huawei next?


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