Lenovo YOGA Pad Pro Display Packs with 13-inch 2K Dolby Vision and Atmos

Lenovo YOGA Pad Pro Display

Lenovo YOGA Pad Pro Display

With last year’s online education and telecommuting boom, the tablet market is also back to life, many cell phone manufacturers have picked up this once abandoned product line, Lenovo is one of them. Recently, Lenovo YOGA official microblogging has repeatedly warmed up the new tablet, this morning again released a warm-up information

Lenovo revealing that the YOGA Pad Pro display tablet will be equipped with a 13-inch 2K screen, and support Dolby Vision, but also has Dolby Atmos four speakers support, can provide excellent audio and video experience. In addition, the YOGA Pad Pro also supports smart touch control, with 4096 levels of pressure sensitivity.

According to the previous news, in addition to high resolution, the YOGA Pad Pro tablet will also support a 120Hz high refresh rate, and 4096 level pressure-sensitive drawing and writing, which can provide an extremely smooth operation, smooth writing, and drawing experience.

It is worth mentioning that the YOGA Pad Pro also has a special “big trick”, it supports the HDMI-in input function, which can easily access the screen information of notebooks and Switch console, as well as for wall mounting, and turn into a high-quality portable display in seconds. The tablet comes with a USB-C port and a longer connector, possibly an SD card slot or a magnetic charging port.

As for the configuration, the core of the YOGA Pad Pro is equipped with Qualcomm’s latest flagship processor Snapdragon 870, which is comparable to the Snapdragon 888 in terms of performance, but also better in terms of power consumption and heat control, and lower cost, making it the best companion for the tablet.

In addition, from the official pictures released, the appearance of the YOGA Pad Pro is different from traditional tablets, not a simple enlarged version of the phone, but equipped with a portable stand-like structure at the bottom so that the tablet can easily stand on the desktop.

This will also make its “portable screen” attribute further enhanced, high-quality screen plus Snapdragon 870 performance, YOGA Pad Pro will undoubtedly cause a great “downside blow” to the portable screen market, worth looking forward to.

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