Honor 50/Huawei Nova 9 Design Exposed Accidentally

Honor 50/Huawei Nova 9 Design Exposed

Honor 50/Huawei Nova 9 Design Exposed

Today’s post of Weibo blogger brought confusion on the network: it could be Honor 50 or could be Huawei’s Nova 9 design. The photographer of YiYiQiXi’s exposed photo is basically the same as the Honor 50 design which was exposed previously, but there are also possibilities of Nova 9.

In the shared picture not only see the busy photographer, but also computer desktop photos of the back of the phone. The design is the same as the design that was previously circulated, the back of the Honor 50 has a design like a Cartier ring, very bold and avant-garde, and very recognizable. Honor inherited Huawei’s R & D and design strength, and Huawei’s many ideas are common, and Honor 50 is also very promising.

But, Qianxi is the spokesperson of Huawei Nova, is this Nova 9? or Nova9 color scheme used in the Honor 50? Or did Qianxi endorse the Honor 50? The exact answer also sits waiting for official information from Huawei or Honor.

The new machine pictures exposed by Yi Yeyi photographer look like the rear with ring design, should have one large bottom and dual camera on below circle, it may use RYYB, and from the phone color, this should be the new color scheme of the Honor series, with blue and purple gradient color scheme design, from the appearance, should still be curved screen design, the body is also curved.


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