AnTuTu V9 first Android Phone Performance List is out for April

AnTuTu V9 first Android Phone Performance List is out for April

AnTuTu V9 first Android Phone Performance List

Recently, AnTuTu Benchmark announced the Android phone performance list for April, which is also the first performance list based on the AnTuTu Benchmark V9 version. AnTuTu V9 public beta version has been released for more than a month, the GPU part added new scenarios and use Vulkan technology. CPU algorithm has also been significantly adjusted, as well as memory, storage, UX has been upgraded and optimized, so the phone scores higher compared to V8, of course, the two versions are not available as a comparison.

The time of this data statistics is from April 1 to April 30, 2021. The results in the list are the average scores counted rather than the highest scores, and the data statistics of a single model are >1000, and the data are all calculated based on AnTuTu V9 version. If a single model has multiple storage capacity versions on the list, the version with the highest score will be the main one.

Android phone performance list: Flagship

Android phone performance list: Flagship

As the list shows, the top 10 Android flagship performance lists are all Snapdragon 888 phones. The first place is the Black Shark 4 Pro, with an average score of 860,467. This machine won first place last month, with CPU and GPU performance compared to other Snapdragon 888 machines. The type difference is not too much, and the current adjustment scheme is basically the same, and the absolute performance is also the same. The real highlight of the Black Shark 4 Pro is the MEM score, which is storage.

Black Shark 4 Pro uses a disk array solution, the internal SSD + UFS 3.1 flash memory combination, and parallel storage read and write operations, to read and write capacity than ordinary cell phones much faster, so its MEM score is far ahead, plus the fully-optimized LPDD5 memory, naturally got a higher score.

The second-place model is OPPO Find X3 Pro, with an average score of 831801. After upgrading to Color OS 11.2, the machine’s resource scheduling is mainly focused on the performance level, which may not be felt in daily use, but the body temperature is obviously felt after the score, which is, of course, a good thing, after all, gives full play to the phone’s performance.

It’s just that the description is useless to look at the data ranking, Find X3 Pro’s performance has touched the game phone and even surpassed some game phones if there is no Black Shark 4 Pro that “external” like storage configuration, who is the first performance list is hard to say.

The third in line is Tencent RedMagic 6 Pro, the average score of 828649, compared to the subscore, the machine’s GPU performance is currently one of the best Snapdragon 888 models, the reason for this is well understood, most of the credit is the built-in fan.

After previous tests, it was found that the RedMagic 6 Pro automatically turns on the fan for cooling when you turn on the AnTuTu test, and the internal design has been changed to increase the air ducts for fan cooling, which helps the GPU maintain high frequencies for a longer period, and the performance then improves and remains stable. It is also recommended that users turn on the RedMagic 6 Pro’s 165Hz high brush mode for scoring, which will help improve UX scores.

The other models are also equipped with Snapdragon 888, of which OnePlus 9 Pro on the fourth place and OPPO Find X3 Pro is the same family, by comparison, the overall difference is not much, are through the system resource scheduling and heat dissipation to improve performance, only the Black Shark 4 Pro is an exception, with a unique storage performance to get the first.

Android phone performance list: Mid-range

Android phone performance list: Mid-range

Who is competing with the mid-range phones have not changed for some time, not to mention that with Snapdragon 870 and Dimensity 1200, cell phone manufacturers tend to position flagship selling points, which is conducive to publicity, so this period can be said to be a mid-range window period.

In terms of ranking, the first model is still the Redmi 10X with the Dimensity 820, with an average score of 455838. It has been a year since the release of this chip, and no other mid-range chip has been able to surpass it so far, which has allowed the Redmi 10X to occupy the first position for a long time.

However, the models equipped with Snapdragon 780G will be launched one after another, which is bound to change the ranking of mid-range mobile phones. Only from the paper parameters, the theoretical performance of Snapdragon 780G surpasses Dimensity 820 and Snapdragon 768G. What is the specific performance? Need to wait for the follow-up data to be sufficient before making comparisons. From the parameters, if you want to compare the Snapdragon 780G, MediaTek needs to update the generation again, positioning it a little lower than the Dimensity 1100 on the line.

The second model in the line is iQOO Z3, equipped with Snapdragon 768G, the average score of 447608, this chip is believed to be very familiar, not to say more, to compare, the overall and Kirin 985 similar. The rest are old models that have been on the list for a long time before, so here is not much to say, interested users can search to see the list of previous issues.

Then the question arises, why the mid-range phone performance list has not changed much for a long time? Part of the reason is that Samsung Exynos mind is not in the mid-range, Kirin is facing the ban issue, no time to care, so now mainly look at MediaTek and Qualcomm two, the update naturally slowed down, but now the flagship is updated, the rest is the mid-range, soon ah.

In terms of flagship phones, before the SoC is updated, it is expected that the Black Shark 4 Pro will lead the way for some time, other models will more or less produce some changes according to system updates and maintenance, but the overall changes should not be significant, according to Qualcomm’s strategy for the past two years, it seems that the second half of the year will also have a strengthened version of Snapdragon 888, said to be Snapdragon 888 Plus, the performance is further enhanced, we will see.


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