Samsung Obtain Several Durability Trademarks for Next Galaxy Fold 3

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 Battery

(In picture: Galaxy Z Fold 2, From Samsung)

Samsung Obtain Several Trademarks for Galaxy Fold 3

Durability has always been a major issue with foldable devices, and the initial generation of the Samsung Galaxy Fold set a bad precedent with its easily damaged screen. In its third generation, Samsung seems intent on making sure that doesn’t happen again. Samsung has filed various trademarks around the world for coatings, layers, and “armor” for the phone’s frame.

One of them is Armor Frame, specifically for phone frames. Presumably, it will be scratch-resistant. Then there’s Pro-Shield, which is for phones and smartwatches and sounds like a protective layer, similar to Apple’s Ceramic Shield.

Samsung has also filed trademarks for Armor Skin and Armor Layer, the latter of which could be a protective layer for foldable screens that would allow Samsung’s foldable phones to use the S-Pen stylus without scratches. The LetsGoDigital points out that Samsung has already released its traditional flagship this year, and there is no Galaxy Note this year, so these trademarks are likely to apply to Samsung’s upcoming foldable devices and S22 Series.

Furthermore, Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 required materials have now begun production, the Chinese model SM-F9260, using 2215mAh + 2060mAh dual battery cells. Now, this model SM-F9260 Samsung model has passed the national 3C quality certification, certification information shows that the machine will be equipped with a 25W charger EP-TA800, that is, Samsung S10 5G version of the charger.

According to the SamMobile said that the external front camera will be equipped with a 16MP Sony IMX298 sensor and the internal under-screen front camera IMX374, with 10-megapixel specifications. According to previous reports, the screen size of the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 will be reduced from 7.6 inches to 7.5 inches, and the body size will be reduced accordingly. In addition, the machine will also introduce the Note series’ signature S Pen stylus for a foldable screen model.

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