Xiaomi 11 Pro/Ultra Welcome Updated DXOMARK Algorithm

Xiaomi 11 Pro/Ultra welcome updated DXOMARK algorithm

Xiaomi 11 Pro/Ultra welcome updated DXOMARK algorithm

This morning, Xiaomi’s cell phone officially announced that Xiaomi 11 Pro/Ultra upgrade DXOMARK algorithm camera, is now open to pushing one after another (need to upgrade MIUI stable version). Xiaomi 11 Ultra has pushed MIUI stable version, the most important content of this upgrade is the phone camera updated DXOMARK algorithm into the version, so what specific improvements? Let’s discover what the official said:

According to the official introduction, Xiaomi 11 Pro/Ultra ushered in the most important camera update since the opening of the sale: the DXOMARK algorithm into the version. There will be 13 upgrades on the camera tuning while including some optimizations for the previous version of user feedback.

In simple terms, the optimization of the night scene highlight suppression, enhance the dark light scene highlight suppression, dark light scenes in the highlight area screen is not exposed and better detail performance. At the same time, the appropriate increase in telephoto contrast, to solve the original telephoto end of the lack of levels of the problem, making the overall more three-dimensional sense.

Officially, the DXOMARK camera firmware is by no means the end of the camera optimization, and Xiaomi will continue to optimize the algorithm in the future to continue to explore the powerful hardware potential of the Xiaomi 11 Ultra and bring a better image experience.

In terms of camera, Xiaomi 11 Ultra rear three main cameras professional imaging system, a wide-angle main camera using the industry’s largest bottom sensor GN2, telephoto, and ultra-wide angle are using the main camera-class Sony IMX586 sensor, support 120X ultra-telephoto, and 128° ultra-wide-angle shooting.


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