Lenovo Yoga Tablet Can be Turned Into Portable Monitor

Lenovo Yoga Tablet Can be Turned Into Portable Monitor

Lenovo Yoga Tablet

In the ongoing epidemic, many schools and companies have launched remote learning and home office methods, which has also driven a wave of large-screen device sales soared, the most beneficial is the tablet market. In this regard, many cell phone manufacturers have begun to force the tablet market, Lenovo last year was the first to launch a small new Pad Pro tablet, recently multiple sources said Lenovo will be the tablet products again iterations of the flagship model.

Some time ago, Lenovo has already tested the microblogging model identification problem through the official microblogging, early exposure of the two unannounced new products, respectively, YOGA Pad Pro and the small new Pad Plus.

Today, Lenovo YOGA official microblogging for the new tablet warm-up, suggesting that the new YOGA Tablet can be multi-purpose, can be turned into a portable monitor in seconds, can be used as a Switch external display, the product utility of the tablet products to raise a dimension, while also supporting Lenovo Pen.

According to the previous news, Lenovo YOGA Pad Pro will be equipped with Snapdragon 870 processor, and will also be equipped with a high-quality display with 2.5K high resolution, 120Hz high refresh rate, with symmetrical four speakers, can bring excellent audio and video experience, and has an extremely smooth, smooth operation feeling, mainly high-end market. While the Pad Plus is expected to be a mid-range model.

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