Xiaomi Working On Independent Surge 5G Chip: Snapdragon Flagship SoC Stocked as Shortage

Xiaomi Surge 5G Chip

Xiaomi Surge 5G Chip

In the Xiaomi spring new conference, the Surge chip after four years finally updated, released for the application to the cell phone as ISP, and there MIX FOLD first equipped. According to Xiaomi, Surge C1 is an ISP image processor, took two years of research and invested 140 million yuan, while executives revealed that the Surge chip will persist from generation to generation, used in more high-end flagships in the future.

According to the report from AnTuTu, Xiaomi is preparing its research Surge 5G chip, support Sub 6GHz 5G band, the latest news that Xiaomi accelerated the development progress, plans to debut before the end of the year.

Different from the Surge C1, this 5G chip is used in the core of the phone, following the Surge S1 in 2017, will be Xiaomi’s second cell phone application processor. It is not clear the specific positioning of this chip, presumably using 6nm, 7nm, or 8nm process, positioning mid-range possibilities.

Furthermore, chip shortages are a problem faced by all technology manufacturers this year, and the same has spread to the cell phone industry, with many executives publicly stating that there is an extreme shortage of chips this year.

Recently the general manager of the Redmi brand was interviewed by the media about the chip shortage phenomenon and expressed his views. Lu Weibing said that the shortage of chips is exactly the time to test the ability of manufacturers, such as the ability to predict, Xiaomi got the Snapdragon 888 goods maybe all the other homes in China combined multiplied by 1 or 2; Snapdragon 870 is also 2 times the amount of others.

How many Snapdragon 888’s does Xiaomi have in stock? Lu Weibing answers: so much in addition to Qualcomm and MediaTek, Xiaomi is also actively researching its chips, such as the recently launched Surge C1, and the recently rumored Surge 5G chip.

Xiaomi is said to be communicating with Samsung, has now met five times, I do not know specifically which form of cooperation, after all, Samsung can both OEM production, but also independently complete the development of SoC. News out that Xiaomi has accelerated the progress of self-research, maybe this year there will be finished products on the market, waiting for the official unveiling.


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