Nubia Z30 in Orange Color Exposed While Official Started Warming Up Series

Warm-up for Nubia Z30 Series | Nubia Z30 in Orange Color

Warm-up for Nubia Z30 Series | Nubia Z30 in Orange Color

ZTE officially has confirmed that the Nubia Z30 series flagship models will be launched this year with Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 888 processor. The series had previously focused on bezel-less, higher screen-to-body ratio, dual display, and the new series will also be further improved in terms of screen-to-body ratio.

Today, the president of the Nubia brand, Ni Fei started warming up the upcoming Nubia Z Series. Ni Fei said, “All along, the Nubia Z Series flagships have the ultimate pursuit of design aesthetics and image strength, and the upcoming new machine is certainly no exception. Today I’ll verify the senior level of the cowboys, from which generation of mobile phones we all started to pay attention to Nubia Z Series?

Additionally, Weibo bloggers also got news about Nubia Z30. According to the Digital Chat Station, “the Nubia Z30 has entered the network, it is estimated that these two months will be on. The previous but came up with a visual bezel and hidden dual-screen design, stopping more than a year, I hope this time can also engage in some different new form it.”

Following the suspected Nubia Z30 rendering exposing the design of the machine, today another rendering appeared exposed by a Weibo blogger featuring Nubia Z30 in orange color. From the back case to the mid-middle frame colored in orange and half mid-frame is in gray.

Nubia Z30 in Orange Color

According to the pictures, Nubia Z30 continues the previous Z series design ideas, using curved screen design inherited from the previous bezel-less visual effect, while its front panel does not have any openings, should be used under the screen camera technology, the front camera is hidden to the bottom of the screen, the screen-to-body ratio is extremely high.

It is worth mentioning that sources say the Nubia Z30 will be expected to debut ZTE’s under-screen 3D structured light technology previously shown at MWC in Shanghai, which can hide the payment level face recognition below the screen, a technology that has not been done for years since Apple adopted face recognition.

In addition, previously ZTE Lv Qianhao also said that ZTE’s first under-screen 3D structured light is also able to achieve 3D modeling live recognition, which will ensure high security and reliability of facial recognition, and better achieve a true full-screen form without pill holes or bangs.

In addition to the shocking effect of the front, the back of the Nubia Z30 is also full of highlights, the figure shows that the machine will be equipped with a quad-camera in matrix style layout, which is also printed with 100X logo, should support 100 times zoom shooting, but also expected to adopt the previous ZTE A30 Pro strategy, to achieve four flagship main camera program.

As for the configuration, the previous Nubia Z series are located in the top flagship, and the Nubia Z30 series will certainly also bring the industry’s top hardware performance, equipped with Snapdragon 888 processor, worth looking forward to.

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