Honor Working on Flagship with Snapdragon 888 Plus Soc

Honor Working on Flagship with Snapdragon 888 Plus Soc

Honor Working on Flagship with Snapdragon 888 Plus

This year’s Android flagship market is undoubtedly Snapdragon 888 is the top stream, but according to previous years and Snapdragon 865, 865+ and 870, it is estimated that Qualcomm will continue to bring the upgraded version of the 888 processor.

The Snapdragon 888 Plus (or Pro) is real, and some domestic cell phone manufacturers are testing it, and it will appear on the flagship new products in the third quarter of the year at the earliest, and will not be exclusive to some overseas models as it was last year, which is expected to have a small performance upgrade.

So Snapdragon 888 Plus will still be based on the 5nm process to build, the specific foundry is not yet known, Samsung and TSMC two choose one, the core should remain the same, the frequency is further enhanced. Regarding the Snapdragon 888 Plus Weibo blogger recently broke the news that Snapdragon 888 Plus has been tested by domestic manufacturers, Q3 will have a new machine listed, of which Honor may be in this ranks, and is said to be expected to debut equipped with it.

After the independence of Honor have not yet launched the Snapdragon flagship processor models, but a variety of explosive information shows that in preparation, the CEO Zhao Ming also made it clear that there will be a super flagship launched, and against Huawei P and Mate series.

Honor chairman Wan Biao also said that Honor is ready to launch a flagship model in the middle of the year and blow the horn of the high-end brand, his goal is not just to lead Honor to get back the lost market, but to become the world’s top three smartphone brands.

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